Oh come and see….

Just a few more days and December is upon us,
Then you only want to be busy with one thing – a cozy interior!

The candles lit and the curtains closed,
Look how beautifully your house is lit up!

What better fit for that than Fabryk’s accessories,
Pure & tough living and all items are unique.

St. Nicholas is the time for children,
As you get older, your gifts will diminish hard.

That is why Fabryk is the dear good Saint through December 1,
Oh come see who finds this gift in her shoe!

On the couch with a glass of wine and a drink,
Who drags this gift in, it’s really no joke!

Rhyme it up and tag your best friend with a poem,
Who knows, this shelf may soon be waiting for you!

Are you also so curious what new items we have in the shop?
Check out the photos on the site and beware…. everything is great!