“Wow, you’re really in the flow aren’t you!”

I see nothing but cool things passing by, respect! Just giving up your steady job to make your hobby your profession. I wish I could!
Uhu… I usually just let it go, smile a little and confirm the assumptions. Yes, things are indeed going very well. 24/7 focus on my own business, good combo between work and the kids, more at home and more peace in the family.

Everything else that comes with it I leave out: The evenings that turn into nights, because there is some finishing work to be done. Administration, which is so not my thing. The fear of whether we will meet the goals this month, but also whether we can meet and preferably exceed all expectations.

Being an entrepreneur is something you do day and night. You get up with it and you go to bed with it. So you can’t close the door behind you at 5 p.m. on Friday and wish your colleagues a good weekend. Speaking of colleagues … I no longer have those either, and my goodness, how I miss them. Not only do I miss the chatter, the sociability and even the gossip, but also the sparring and the feedback you get.

“Set crown straight and move on again”

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by everything and wonder if I really made the right choice. In fact, at a rather hectic time, I quit my old job and then went full throttle with Fabryk. Don’t get me wrong, I would really like nothing better than this. It is my joy and my life, but it is a process of trial and error; crown straightening and moving on again. I worked like a headless chicken for the first few months and couldn’t find regularity. Often I would work through all the evenings, checking my mail for the last time at 11:55 p.m. and then restlessly heading to bed. My husband has said to me several times, “You need to slow down…. You can’t keep this up!”

“Jo, I’m super woman, I can do that!” Setting up a business, being there for the kids, cooking dinner, staying socially involved in various clubs and also being a good wife. Okay, I thought I could do all that…. Forget it, no one is “super woman.

One Thursday morning, about 8 weeks ago, I got out of bed stumbling. “Shit, my back hurts… Luckily I always have some diclofenac in the house, I’m sure that will help me get back on my feet!” After four weeks still no improvement and only more pain, so it was time to visit the doctor again, this time for an MRI. After a good week, the results came. A hernia and a few more complicated terms that I had to google first to understand the meaning. Then suddenly you MUST take a step back, a little more measured. More planning and (yes…) also handing things off. In the weeks leading up to the results, I allowed myself to get wasted. Those who know me know that I always look made up and stylishly dressed. Suddenly I was living in a big gray cardigan with matching gray sweatpants and – in terms of makeup – I had only done my eyebrows.

With fresh courage against it!

Well, I was upset for one day after the diagnosis, because that crappy hernia came at a very bad time. The next day I got up, got in the shower, called the hairdresser, did my makeup and dressed nicely again. “Hell yeah, that feels a lot better!”

Leonora Latumalea (the winner of the design competition) also works for Fabryk Design these days. She is the one who also creates the most beautiful designs and takes a lot of work off my hands. Not only the designs of the geometric shapes, but also the layout of a catalog – especially for retailers – comes from her hand. Occasionally we work together for a day on location. Her enthusiasm and positivity is so contagious, you get inspiration from that anyway!


Did you know that this awesome design by Leonora will soon be available in our webshop! Preview all geometric animals & shapes here.

Pros and cons are part of life, but one thing is important: keep going and never give up! Don’t give up on your dreams, give yourself a rest and then move forward with fresh courage. I wish you all the success in the world in inspiring the person you love most: yourself.

With my blog I also hope to inspire others, give a behind-the-scenes look at what my daily life is like. Would you also like to stay up to date on the latest developments in work – interior design advice, workshops and our latest custom work – as well as privately? Then read my blogs; as there are many more to come!