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FBRK. Geometric Taurus

Are you looking for unique wall decorations for your home? Could your living room use an eye-catcher? Then check out this beautiful, geometric bull. Our geometric bull is an everyman’s friend and blends easily into your interior style.

This geometric bull is made of MDF and is milled in one piece. The original color is black or neutral MDF. Will you go for a big or a super big bull? And do you choose an original color or would you like to have your wall decoration waxed? We have a wide selection.

FBRK. Geometric Deer

Meet the geometric deer of FBRK. Are you looking for a unique decoration for your wall? This beautiful animal is milled from wood and a real eye-catcher for the room! This geometric wall decoration is sure to shine on the wall!

The geometric deer is made of MDF. The original color is black or neutral MDF. Choose a wax color for a real statement.

FBRK. Geometric Hummingbird set

The FBRK. geometric Hummingbird, one of the bestsellers in our collection is also available as a pair in sizes xxl and m. This lovely yet powerful little bird will brighten up your interior in no time. Do you go for a modern, sleek decor or do you opt for a rustic, warm atmosphere? This hummingbird set suits any home decor style.

Because our geometric shapes are made of MDF and can be ordered in many different colors, you can go either way with this beautiful pair.

Geometric shapes by Fabryk Design

Geometric shapes are what Fabryk Design is known for. Years ago, we began designing and producing these unique wall decorations. In this, we have become true trend setters. We sell this wall decoration throughout the Netherlands and abroad.

Buy this geometric wall decoration and contribute to a more beautiful world

At Fabryk Design, we work with a close-knit team to create beautiful products. In doing so, we value people and the environment. Did you know that your geometric shape was created in part by people distanced from the labor market? Or people with disabilities? Social entrepreneurship is an important pillar within Fabryk Design. That is why at our location in Donkerbroek you will find not only our office, workshop and showroom but also a day care facility. When you buy this geometric wall decoration, you can be sure that you are contributing to a more beautiful world. At your home and the world we live in. Beautiful right?

Can you see this wall decoration hanging in your home?

Did you get excited about our geometric shapes? Then order it quickly and easily. We’ll go to work for you with love. Shipping time is about six business days. Are you unexpectedly unhappy with your purchase after all? Then return the product to us and receive your purchase price back from us.

Click here for more information on the geometric shapes, different wax colors and hanging system.