Just briefly, who are we, and what do we do?

FBRK-Werkt! and Fabryk Design is located in an old dairy factory in Donkerbroek. Here we design, make and sell home accessories and furniture, among other things. Pure and bold with a pinch of geometric design. From design to execution, we do everything in-house, in our own Fabryk!

Through experience and affinity with care and welfare, we know better than anyone else that working is not always obvious. Due to physical or psychological limitations, sometimes things go a little differently than usual. It is especially important then to be able and allowed to work, or to have a meaningful daytime activity.

Within FBRK-Works! Is there room for different audiences. We have therefore divided FBRK-Works! divided into three groups. To wit:

  • Day care
  • Talent Spending
  • Reintegration

Working at FBRK-Werkt! means joining the team and participating in society.
The full team of the FBRK. consists of healthcare workers, designers, spatial designers, logistics and warehouse workers and students from various programs.



FBRK-Works! Day care in Donkerbroek

Day care:

Within the day care services of FBRK-Werkt!, participants with intellectual disabilities are welcome. Within the Fabryk, we go step by step with worker skills and they learn step by step to perform as many tasks independently as possible. Tasks are tailored to the participant’s interests and ambitions.

“I like that I work with “normal” people here. And the products are super cool! “

Talent spending, feeling useful and being useful

Talent spending:

Talent spending is for participants who have a normal intellectual level, but cannot participate in regular work due to limitations of illness, mental frailty or physical/psychic symptoms. Within FBRK-Werkt! they can still make themselves useful, but above all feel useful by participating in the labor process focused on their own abilities. There is also the opportunity to think and participate in the creative field to design and develop new products. We also work with the participant on developmental goals in various areas, such as dealing with limitations and setting boundaries.

“I feel like I’m just a colleague here working with the company, and I like that feeling.”

Reintegration, back to work


The reintegration program is for participants who want to return to work toward regular employment and/or education. Within the FBRK. they learn to re-enter the workforce and learn the necessary skills needed for school and/or work.

” Within FBRK-Werkt! I was able to get acquainted with different aspects of this company and have now found my passion after all these years. Soon I will leave the company and start at a boss.”

To develop is to continue

Within FBRK-Werkt! you can develop to such an extent that at some point it will be time to work somewhere else or go back to school. We at FBRK-Works! only welcome this. It is wonderful to see when participants move on to regular work or schooling, volunteer work or some other type of day care.