Thus a “normal working day” really began quite differently!
Unsuspecting, I drove to the fabryk Wednesday morning as usual, my head already on the day’s appointments and everything I wanted and needed to take care of today. Three appointments in the calendar that I still had to prepare, and a pile of paper work on my desk.

Of course I knew we were celebrating 3 years of existence that day, but since we are involved in all kinds of projects with “head and ears” I wanted to quietly let it pass me by. Maybe I went to get a pastry for coffee, but otherwise definitely no fuss.

Team Fabryk thought otherwise, didn’t they? When I stepped into the workshop, I thought … hey! the light is on here, but Sytze often opens the workshop early in the morning so no light went on right away. Through to the cafeteria I suddenly see Kitty busy with garlands and balloons!!! Well, what are you doing here? You are always free on Wednesdays! SURPRISE! Congratulations on three years of Fabryk!

Guys guys, what I feel like it’s my birthday!!! We’re just sitting down to coffee when suddenly Susan arrives storming into the fabryk with boxes of pastries. Well yay! What did you come to do? We don’t let the three-year anniversary pass us by, do we? Cakes must be eaten on that!

We’re having a nice chat about all that has happened in the past 3 years, boy oh boy How fast it has gone. From home office and 1 computer to a real fabryk. We reminisce about our short three-year existence. We talk about our cooperation and that sometimes we can be so nice to nag and all those movies I cursed….

Jaa about movies spoken says Suzan, we also have something for you, and tada the laptop comes on table and what turns out, everyone has a personal message for me voiced. Even before the video runs I’m snickering. The passion splashes from the screen when I see my team of toppers. All burned to be the most beautiful Making products and providing the best service! A carefully curated team with a fixed base.

I have he-le-all nothing noticed nothing about the preparations and the “missing” of colleagues because they were going to shoot a movie. Silent hints went complete passed me by, which only added to the surprise.

To conclude the video a delightful compilation with all my “bloopers” from the past period. Oh Susan, what a job you’ve had of it again. But what have you got it fantastic job! I am so happy with our collaboration, I throw my ideas in the sky and you get to translate it for the 100th time into a online event.

To make the day even more festive, I received a call Wednesday afternoon from SBB, Vocational Training & Business. Fabryk was chosen as the best apprenticeship company in the province. Out of more than 1,600 nominations, we are the best! Immediately after that the phone rang from schools in the area to congratulate us. What a fantastic honor and incentive to continue our commitment to guiding and developing students and their talents. A wonderful audience to work with. Young boys and girls full of ideas and ambition.

And as icing on the cake, we also became retailer of Ooststellingwerf and province winner of Friesland! And all thanks to your votes! For which thank you very much!

Today, Friday, I celebrate the last party of this week! Namely my birthday, 34 candles on the cake. Never before have I felt so fulfilled as I have this past year. The plans I had and have are coming to life, their fruits are being reaped. My work is a very important part of my life, I love the frenzy and pioneering so much. Deploying the right people on the right project, coming up with new creative ideas both for Fabryk Design and FBRK-Werkt! For me the very best combination. Where I can or see possibilities in development or coaching I will be there for you.

I create my own life by trial and error, that it is not always smooth sailing you know too. You run up against walls or your own shortcomings. A big step backwards and with small strides forward again. Every day I learn better and better how to deal with this. How I do that I am going to tell you much more about soon. We will use Fabryk’s creative lab as an inspirational development center in the fall. How and with whom we will do that I am keeping to myself for now. But that it’s going to be cool, that’s one thing for sure!

Making choices that you think are important,is one of them. You can’t always consider someone else, you have to put yourself first and that’s why today I’m celebrating my birthday my way! Instead of working myself over the head with grocery shopping, cake baking and an evening of running and flying in the ministry at my own party, I’m doing it completely differently this year. I am going to enjoy the garden, and have a drink with my dear friends! I say cheers to another great year full of new insights and life lessons!

Love Esther