Fall in love with Fabryk Design

We are in the midst of autumn. Anyone who goes into the woods now on a beautiful autumn day can smell and feel that we are literally letting go. The trees drop their leaves and turn from green, to yellow to red. This time of year is the time to cocoon in the home as well, we retreat more and let go of what we no longer need. This is how we recharge ourselves for the upcoming year. In the home, that means warm rugs, pretty candles and tentatively already some nice December accessories. We give you the tips to make your interior Fall Proof!

Lighting is the foundation

A warm and cozy interior begins with choosing the right mood lighting. Choosing light not only has a functional side, such as providing visibility, but also defines the interior. After all, a lamp can serve as a statement item. Thus, the lighting is a reflection of your living style.

You can also use lighting to draw attention to furniture or home accessories you would like to highlight. A warm light, for example, creates a cozy and romantic atmosphere. This atmosphere you’ll want to bring into your home during the fall/winter season

Check out our beautiful lamps, inspired by an old-fashioned chandelier, but in a new look!

Nice and warm on the couch

During the favorite ”stay at home” season, extra attention may also be paid to comfort. Fine pillows on the sofa, and how about a fine plaid? You knit the plaid all by yourself on your arms! There is a choice of ivory white and light gray.

Limited collection

Especially for the winter season, we have put together a new collection of limiteds. Nienke, our colleague at FBRK-Werkt is a true artist in working with epoxy. The Deer, Hummingbird and Scottish Highlander are coated with a brilliant layer of epoxy with various color schemes. The artworks are only available in limited editions!

Curious about more?

Curious about our entire range of winter products, click here. Through our socials, we like to keep you up to date on all developments within FBRK Werkt and Fabryk Design