We will soon be going back to Back 2 School!

Summer vacation is in full swing, which is the favorite time of the year for most children. Just a break from school and a day job with fun things and outings! My kids are also made happy by this period, just a little while enjoying the free time. Cozy days visiting the grandparents, chores at their aunt’s house that just moved, running around with Pip, horseback riding, a chore here and there. They participate in everything nicely! It’s a bit of a switch at times, but gradually we get the hang of the balance between vacation mode and your-mother-has-also-work responsibilities. Since we deal with beautiful interiors every day, the kids have also been “infected” with this by now. They like to look over my shoulder and then the first questions come:

“Mom, can I change something about my room too?”

They have both moved on to the next grade, so the homework is getting more and more little by little. So my response is, “What would you like then?” Brent already snagged his first showpiece on his birthday, as he wanted a cool motocross rider on that wall! Elise wanted an extension to her desk so she could have more space to craft. These too are pursuits that you have time for during the vacations, and besides, the well-known Back2School period is also coming up again. Then let’s especially have a cozy inspiration session for it with tea and cookies, so she can indicate for herself what she thinks is cool.

Below is a selection of the Pinterest Inspiration we picked together:

So with these photos I set to work to create a beautiful design to match her room. In the context of little girls growing up, it should be a combination of a girl’s room/tough and minimalist. This is what she likes best herself, so we are going to see what she will think of the final design. Pens and pencil holders are also made in her favorite color and attached above the desk. Curious about the possibilities for this customization? Then send me a message! 🙂

From childhood to adolescent room!

You guys will recognize it, the kids are growing up so fast! Before you know it, they are adolescents who want change in everything, since nothing is tough enough anymore. So you often see the need for change in their room. A different color on the wall, a bigger or different desk, new accessories on the wall and, most importantly, lots of storage space to “hide” their mess. These are the projects that make me personally very happy. You can already surprise the adolescents with the result with a few adjustments,  from large rooms to small rooms, a creative solution that amazes. Especially the milestone to high school often brings many changes. Are your kids busy with this too? Do you also want to take care of your son or daughter’s room or are you facing a “living dilemma,” I would love to help!

Below are custom orders we provided for 2 cool kids.

Enjoy your weekend!

Much love, Esther