Spring break, and two children aged 10 and 7 are hanging out on the couch more dead than alive. What are you going to do today? We are chilling… Well have fun chilling then, I am going to work. When I get home later, will you at least clean up a bit and make sure the rabbit has food? Yaaahhhaaaaaahh….


When I get home in the afternoon they are still hanging out in the same position but now surrounded by cups and empty chip bowls. The oldest dressed in hideous onesie, the youngest has not even bothered to put on pants at all.


FBRK Pubes


I almost jump out of my skin at the sight of those two Hidden under blankets, surrounded by pillows. Do you really have all day so situated? Please go do something! Go outside, to the soccer field, with the dog out. Baking cookies, standing upside down and pooping dimes…. Make up what! But don’t hang in front of the TV and switch all day… While I’m annoyed walking to the washing machine I hear some more prattle about how old-fashioned I am are not, how stupid, how moronic, and that surely I also understand that they have a day of may chill…Fortnite & Youtubers mean nothing to me, nay worse yet I find them irritating.


My kids love them and prefer to fill entire days with YouTube watching and playing games. Oh, it’s four o’clock! New vlog from Enzo Knol. I even got an app from the oldest the other day, mom Ezra finally got a new horse after six months of searching. That’s great for Ezra, but who is that? Is that a girl from the riding school? Tsss that’s a vlogger mom… Then when I tell them that we used to have MSN, first had to use a line from computer to landline phone. Only to wait 5 minutes before the dial-up connection was established. (including horrible sound) Did you not have Wifi then? No ya, you had to pay for every minute and the phone line would be busy. The kids almost roll off the couch laughing, how soulughh for you…Mom you really are so old-fashioned…This is said to me briefly by my ten-year-old daughter.


Do I have a thirty-something dilemma?

How old-fashioned, I’m 33? Still feel young, hip and fresh on many fronts. I laugh it off, just wait until you are my age. In the evening I still sit and think about it, gee 33 … the whole twenties and thirties dilemma has always fairly passed me by. Turning 30 was a “thingy” for a while, and then I am now at the point where my daughter finds me old-fashioned, and especially old.


Where is the time!

Who put time in gear? It feels like yesterday she was in the baby carriage and we went to the deer bread feeding together. And now I can’t do anything right, everything I suggest we undertake is waved away with a ttssss, or a crooked look. She turns on me rock hard…. Locked up in her junk room, because I can’t call it a bedroom. Between bins full of homemade slime and candy wrappers, she sits for hours apping and calling girlfriends.


Am I not too fixated on Fabryk and myself? And suddenly I see it very clearly…. Ohnee the adolescence!

Even adolescents remain mommy’s little girl!


Couldn’t they have just told me that those can also start very early by now? My sensitive girl who jumped from grade 3 to 5, and is already in grade 7. Who at school is so sweet and does her best. Who can suddenly be delightfully childlike again when she is playing with her sleich horses. Turned into a monster at home… After this insight, I just decide to be extra sweet to her in order to avoid clashes. Tuesday night has been bombed as our TV night. We look up some fun programs that we both like and with tea and chocolate we settle on the couch. She invariably against me and I with 1 hand under her shirt I tickle her back. Grateful to have this moment with her together .


Meanwhile, for the rest of the vacation, I’ll arrange some activities outside the house; they’ve done enough chilling for now….