“How do I become rich and happy coaches?”

Is it just me or are “how to become rich and happy coaches” popping up everywhere. You must become self-employed, happy 24/7 and financial wealth is the highest achievement.

Not that I necessarily have to think anything of that, but it does surprise me. Suddenly I see Linette van Dongen with her: happy-egg vlogs popping up. Huh? She was a cabaret performer, wasn’t she! What completely amazed me was Tony Robbins, with his book the Unshakeable a bestseller with over 3 million followers on FB . Sunny pictures from the Bahamas, then another 3 day training “Unleash the power within” where thousands of people are jumping and waving and seem to be completely in a trance.

From silence walks to standing upside down on the beach, anything for great happiness!

Feel free to say I’ve been under a rock somewhere, but I had never heard of this man. All inspirers who promise you great happiness if only you live according to their precepts and patterns. How do I get rich and find balance? How do I manage my family and step out of my own shadow? Magical moments, feel the flow and trust the universe. Campfire sessions, silence walks, standing upside down on the beach … you name it, it’s there.

On a business level, emotional level and, for the advanced, spiritual level as well. Something for everyone so to speak. What I wonder then, are all these coaches happy the peppy 24/7 and have thousands of dollars in the bank? Extremes aside then, because I don’t think we need to feel sorry for Tony Robbins

After a super active work morning with a friend, we were still sitting around casually sparring about the future, dreams, where do you want to grow as a person and your business … she told me about this Tony…. Tony fucking who! Never heard of… She started laughing, really! You’ve never heard of that? You must see the Netflix docu about him! I’m not your Guru. Wonder what you think of that!

Immerse yourself in the oft-cited “gift to yourself”

Okay, as long as you haven’t delved into it, you can’t form an opinion about it. I watched it, although it took me a few days to work my way through the docu. But I’m a little less skeptical. I even read a book on patterns of change in yourself, and FLOW and Happiness are on my nightstand as well. I know my pitfalls and my strengths as well. I don’t believe a fuck that all of life should consist of Hallelujah moments. Believe me, being self-employed is really not the highest achievement either. Without friction no shine shall we say. I know that it is also very nice to be paid every month for your labor done.

Between the lines you might read that I’m pretty skeptical, but I’m not. I think it is very important to keep developing yourself, listening to others, reading and immersing yourself. I believe everyone has an inspiration, someone you would most like to emulate. Who do you have as a great role model? Your teacher from before? Who gave you confidence that you could do it? Your employer? A friend who seemingly has it all running perfectly smoothly.

Tell me who your great role model is, I’m curious to hear the stories!

Much love, Esther