Blog take over from California!

We all know Fabryk Design for its cool collections and complete interior design advice. Regularly you will see the latest inspiration and today I take you for a look behind the online scenes. I do so from “The land of the oppertunity,” yep from the wonderful America.

Catching Wi-Fi signals in the desert

October was all about touring America, chilling for 4 weeks and no work. I did keep that up for 4 days and then I saw the new World Map on facebook. Omg! This should be online, this is what people want to have. In fact, we have a fat promotion this month celebrating 5k followers on Facebook and living month.

Like a true digital nomad, I am on the other side of the world in the camper ready to put the new products online. Small, not insignificant, detail we were in the middle of the desert with one stripe of wifi signal. I did the preparations on the road, hobbling at a little table. Once we arrived in civilization everything could be online, that’s nice waking up for you guys in Holland!

Inspiration booster

Over the vacations, we’re still emailing a bit about collaborations and what to do when I get back. I can tell you, once again that will be cool! Meanwhile, a title for a new column needs to be thought of. As I ride an Uber to the Golden Gate Bridge, I “brood” on an appropriate title. A quick pit stop to admire this beautiful bridge and a few snapshots for the scrapbook. I continue my Uber ride to the Painted Ladies, where we chill in the little park. The view of San Francisco gives an inspiration boost, so that too is ticked off.

One goal: the ultimate FBRK. online shopping experience

Fabryk Design goes like a train and Esther meanwhile knows only 1 position: Hard, fast and a lot! Building a lifestyle brand with new and original collections takes a lot of time and (positive) energy. Once everything is photographed it’s up to me to put everything online, which is when Esther and I have a veritable what’s app hotline. Which products are allowed online? Colors, sizes, descriptions, materials. I could go on like this for a while. All with one goal the ultimate FBRK. online shopping experience. That’s why many product photos meanwhile have an inspiration photo. This doesn’t apply to all the photos yet but work in progress right?

Organized chaos

Meanwhile, Esther and I have been working together for a while and I can describe our way of working as chaotic, aka organized chaos. Both a creative brain, tad chaotic, a flood of ideas and the urge to do and make many beautiful things. Let this also be precisely the strength of our cooperation! With the task before me, the online findability of Fabryk Design. Of course, beautiful products must also be found online by customers who also need a showpiece in their interiors. And tchah, vacation or not! When duty calls, then it’s really no punishment to put everything online from America so you guys can order it with the discount this month! Therefore, enjoy the discount code FBRKWONEN10 until the end of this month. Then we’ll share the latest products and collaborations with you again soon, can’t wait!