“It wasn’t just storming outside!”

It was quite a week. So we fell from sweltering heat and chicken pox into a summer storm in no time. It not only stormed outside, but it stormed inside me. Ideas tumble over each other, one more grandiose than the other. Notebooks are hard to come by. My own scribbles have become almost illegible, so adrift am I writing. With a common thread: Lifestyle!

FBRK. Lifestyle for you

I can totally see it a FBRK. lifestyle line with bags, fragrances, basic clothing, bracelets and scarves for you! In addition to a very extensive collection of home accessories. Such a great concept is only complete with a complementary stationary line, because your “things 2 do” and memos should also be in style. Oh and then we also bring out a super cool calendar with space for your business/work and for family. Then we are far from there! Kids FBRK. is wildly popular. We focus a little more on the teenagers, for the little ones there is already so much fun to get. Teens often hang somewhat between the lines.

Sustainable living with FBRK.

We now have our own furniture line and are available nationwide at several major home furnishing stores. Everyone has heard of FBRK. heard and most of you have owned at least one eye-catcher from our collection. The workshop and showroom are now much too small and a whole team of Fabrykers is eager to get to work. All are employees who can do even better than ourselves. With an eye for fair trade, local production and honest materials, FBRK Design is growing year by year. We have a permanent collection as well as a seasonal collection. FBRK is constantly evolving. We go to trade shows and spot trends abroad. A team of designers works on the most spectacular designs and – in addition to the collections at retailers – we also have our own lifestyle store. Where you can also have a delicious lunch and get lots of inspiration.

Now you must be thinking, “You have a high opinion of yourself with such statements. First see and then believe. What arrogance! I would never say such a thing about myself, I hear you thinking. I don’t believe it yet either, but I do dream it! I believe that without (big) dreams you don’t get there, something like: The journey there is more important the destination.

Chasing your dream with Frisian sobriety

As a Frisian farmer’s daughter, I grew up with ideas like no building castles in the air and you achieve your goals by working hard and being frugal. By the way, ideals that I am still comfortable with. Besides that being frugal, Sytze sometimes says, A hole in the hand? You don’t even have a hand! Although I can’t be as reckless with my money as I used to be.

Now suppose you chopped all your big dreams into small pieces, instead of immediately creating a super extensive lifestyle collection, start with one or two products. Then it is much more manageable! The road to it is more important than the goal.


Meanwhile, I can proudly say that our first lifestyle products are almost coming online! Martzen Bruining was commissioned by Fabryk to take a series of beautiful photographs. These are available on canvas posters and clocks. We also created a series of wooden A4 posters with inspirational quotes and beautiful images. With Nadine de Ruiter we took a series of beautiful photos of all the products for the webshop. Tapas boards, leather key chains and personalized text bracelets are: On Their Way… Keep an eye on Facebook when the first part of our lifestyle collection will be available in the webshop, here is a sneak peak!

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By now the storm has subsided a bit, a little surfing on Pinterest I pin the cutest inspo’s.

>Jo Ess! Do you want to go to the lumberyard!
< Huh! What?  What to do?
>Where are your thoughts!  Come on! Action in the cab!

With a bill in Jip in Janneke language, I am sent out. Stammering, I ask at the lumberyard if I can please get eight one-meter boards. Big dreams start small.

Until next week, x Esther