August is not even over yet and we have had a bizarrely busy week! You know FBRK. Design all found en masse and that makes me so incredibly happy! The happy comments on facebook and insta make us beaming with pride! The geometric animals such as the bull and the mega-sized Hummingbird are especially popular. But lamps are also being purchased en masse for the upcoming season! Did you know that we now also have the lamps in bronze! These are soooo cool!


Did you know that we can also do a lot for corporate clients?

So there are a number of butcher shops interested in our products, how cool are the bulls and sheep above the counter of your specialty store! Coffee and lunch businesses that want an extra experience through distinct wall coverings and lighting. Or a gym that wants their super cool logo big in the gym, supermarkets that want to be even more responsive to the customer experience and dress up their shop with items from FBRK. Clothing stores integrating large sturdy metal wall cabinets to showcase their collections even more beautifully. Window displays dressed with FBRK. benches, metal shelving and so much more….

Your own unique FBRK. Collection

The possibilities are endless and we are happy to think with you! For example, I would be happy to visit you and work together to find a solution for your shop! We will brainstorm and combine your ideas with ours. This is how we work together to create the optimal layout for your store. Do you want your own unique FBRK. Put together a collection? Then it is even possible to set up your own line! Think geometric shapes, home necklaces, text boards designed especially for you and your store. Even more is possible, we can learn to make labels for your unique products. These are provided with text in any font as desired. I can also provide different colors of leather tags.

Especially for physical clothing and lifestyle shops, there is even more!

You want 100% satisfied and happy customers too, right? We know better than anyone that a satisfied customer is the best advertisement for your shop. Capitalize on sales opportunities, increase conversions higher customer satisfaction and ultimately more revenue! How then? Three years ago I took a course from Chantal Riedeman, the only shopologist in the Netherlands! Here I learned, among other things, how to look critically at your store, its routing, sightlines but also the psychosocial aspects of customers and their behavior. I can help you make your store’s routing work best for you. I know better than anyone how to entice customers, increase conversions and make the best use of the available m2. We look at the presentations of your collections, colors and themes. Where necessary, I will reach out to you with tools that will help you move forward! Curious! Call me for an appointment or send an email for more information!

Enjoy the weekend!!!

Love Esther

Ps. Have you already seen our cool promotion? In the month of August, FBRK paid. your shipping costs for the geometric animals & shapes. Use the discount code: FBRKBETAALD.