Hello dear followers!

Are you also such an animal lover? We have reptiles at home, two snakes and a bearded dragon. Especially my husband is crazy about reptiles and my little son is also already crazy about animals. Ponies, chickens, and rabbits are also very popular, which we look for every week at the deer park. We do live in a farmhouse but there is not enough time for so many animals right now due to the major renovation we are actively working on.

Give your interior the finishing touch

Already a few times I have introduced you to Fabrykdesign. I have a really fun collaboration with them, they also are one of the companies that sent me items, for in the goodie bags I got to give away at my 100k party!
They have super cute goodies in their webshop, to give your interior the finishing touch.

Today I want to bring these cool, clean, stylish decorations to your attention. Simple lines without fuss do well in any interior and can actually always be added without it looking busy. The items can be found in the Fabrykdesign webshop under the heading: ”Geometric Shapes‘.

Geometric shapes and animals

Geometric shapes and animals are a real eye catcher in your interior, plus you can hang them in any room. They are available in different sizes, so you can find one to fit any wall. These geometric animals and shapes are made of Russian birch wood and are milled in one piece. Therefore, this is the color in which they come standard. Would you like a different color? You can choose from as many as 24 different colors, so the perfect color for your interior is always there!

The herring

I myself chose ‘The Herring’
I love it, it is so detailed and delicate, but because it consists only of lines, without shading or color shading, it still looks tough and sleek…. This ‘Dutch new’ hangs in our kitchen. There I think it is a stylish & appropriate item, matching the function of the room. It really comes into its own here, don’t you think?

The Hummingbird

The hummingbird I also find one of the most beautiful in the shop… This little bird can fly all over the house as far as we are concerned! Besides just being a very graceful looking picture, this little animal also has some very special features, such as being able to hover ‘still’ in the air, be the only one to fly backwards and fly up and down straight: the hummingbird is also called ‘the helicopter’ among birds, isn’t that nice?

Remains difficult to choose, they are all so cute! ln what space would you like to hang one?