As a child I wasn’t called Magpie or Magpie for nothing

As long as it sparkles and shines, it’s always good. Early on, I started a collection of empty  perfume bottles, seashells, glinestones and porcelain figurines. My prettiest was a kitten in a basket covered in down feathers.

A little later, as an adolescent my compulsion to collect skipped to changing my bedroom and my appearance. In both, my nature was fairly impetuous.  Thus, I decided to paint my room candy cane pink. With one wall purple and the other light pink. A pink quilt with lots of pillows completed the picture.

A pink tompouche room!

Oh Yes! My room had turned into a tompouche.  Satisfied I looked at the result, yes with a blob of pink here and there, Magpie was satisfied. With the hitzone top 50 in the CD player and sneaking a cigarette smoking out the window, this is one of my childhood memories.  The style at that time was hippie-chic, pants were cut on the outside and an extra piece of fabric was put in between. So you had mega wide legs. Especially in clothing there was a lot of pink and bright colors. Piercings in your nose and navel was the coolest thing you could have back then… unfortunately for me both were out of the question 😉 A fierce adolescent resistance followed…

From slob to Pro tidier

Such an adolescent room had to be especially untidy,  how badly I can stand clutter now, that’s how good I was at it then.  My room was not big, not even 4 by 3 meters, with a bed and a desk. Posters of horses were exchanged for posters of Patrick Kluivert and Robbie Williams. On the wall next to my bed hung a photo collage of entertainment posters from Plum Zevenhuizen. Our regular Saturday night disco. Photos were taken at night and then you couldn’t wait for them to go online on Sunday. Internet back then was still on dial-up and so the line would be busy for hours.

A little later, Patrick Kluivert and Robbie Williams had to make way for a ” chill room,” this time with an oriental touch. Dark brown, beige, lots of incense and Chinese characters on the wall.  Above all, you had to be chill in those days and not worry about anything… The style? You had the alto’s and the gabbers. I was like nothing from either.

Moah, soon I found out that this atmosphere didn’t really suit me very well; instead of being zen, it just made me restless. I had the same shortcoming with my hairstyles. From short to long and from black to platinum blonde. Occasional failed orange and even a poodle perm 😉  The style at the time was a bit urban and anything goes. And that was just my style!!! A jacket on tough pants,  pearls as well as dreadlocks.

From about 17 years old, I have been wearing glasses combined with contact lenses.  My prettiest glasses were pink…. Invariably you would be asked if I saw everything through rose-colored glasses.

Of course, whole life I saw through rose-colored glasses! Unfortunately, those glasses probably washed up in England after an overnight adventure on Schiermonnikoog.