Are you guys open yet? A common question in recent weeks.

No not yet, we are still hard at work.

Busy is actually my allergy word; I prefer to call it productive. That sounds so much more positive than “busy”  But right now I do say busy, because it is! In the morning, we start with the orders. I dive into my office, which is currently in two locations. At home and in Donkerbroek, where is that random reader again? oops is still  Makkinga…. and where is my debit card? first I grab my phone to call Sytze to see if he has my pass…. and suddenly I feel like  my father, who also always loses his wallet and passes 😉 Turns out I have that chaotic nature from someone after all.

Anyway, everything found again and back in its regular place the office work is done. Appointments with mechanics, call appointments and customer visits and like every day, getting orders ready! In the afternoon we will continue in Donkerbroek. Painting, painting and more painting.

And yes, it was that time again….. wall painting 3.0…. raspberry red it had to be. I already had my doubts;-) After 1 day of looking at it, I decided to go for dark gray. So there we went again, masking, getting sauce and brushing! At first glance it looked pretty good, so you would say it was fixed. Nothing could be further from the truth, after gluing the print, the old man in this case, the space turned out to be very small. Arrrrgggghhhhh oh noooo….. So not beautiful!!! Ladies, ( and gentleman) we are going to do this differently! It has to be white again anyway. So for the third time, tape it off, get some sauce and brush it off. White is white, but nice and fresh. And I think that’s important at first sight. The print on the wall is the eye-catcher so the rest can be nice and boring white.  Tile flooring, wall decoration and a real counter/dispensing counter will also be added here. Wonderful huh, those system ceilings, they are in there now, and are still neat. So we’ll leave those in place for the time being, too!

old man with milk wagon, from Donkerbroek.

this counter will be in front of the print, Sterre painted it black and stained it. On the left you can see another piece of the daybed I also found on MP. So another ride for Sytze 😉

Project office was also another thing

We have a pretty nice glass partition wall so we have two separate offices that have nice light. Only these were blinded with foil. Shall we take that off? Otherwise I feel so claustrophobic,Good plan! So toddle away! Blisters on fingers, paint scrapers and sticker remover…. But it’s off after a day of pilling! Again, everything fresh in the white sauce first. There will be some prints on the wall here and there, and the aluminum partition will also have black frames and special print film! For first now a few emergency desks from the Ikea, Sytze and Lars make the desks themselves from metal and wood. But this is still a project in the making.  At least now we can sit at a desk. Also, they are not yet in the right place, because the cables to the PCs are too short, they are still so unsociable against the wall. The place still needs to be decorated nicely, and that nice gray bench will eventually be in the cafeteria. Of course Pip also gets her place here, cozy with us!


Corner in the big office, here you can see, among other things, the chairs scored during yesterday’s thrift store hunt!

view of my little office, already some greenery added….

Replace facade


The future showroom had an ( with all due respect) ugly facade with a door. Coincidentally, there was still a facade in the workshop at home. And let this one be the perfect size too! I say win win win! So much light and atmosphere has come in return! Wow, I am really in love with this. Tomorrow there will be large steel racks on which we can display our stuff.

color will also be added here in time. But the base will remain fairly white… I think haha

the new facade, the monastery table will be in the canteen

The canteen 

The cafeteria does get an extra experience, an upscale print on the wall, a sleek kitchen and cozy seating.  On marketplace I found a hit! An as good as new kitchen with almost the right size. The guys are going to pour themselves a concrete countertop.  Speaking of Marketplace, I have been banned from Sytze for the time being,  he is getting sick of my MP adventures. In fact, tomorrow a trip to Enschede is scheduled to pick up cabinets. Earlier this week they already dismantled a kitchen, and they also traversed half of Drenthe for an old secretary.  I love it, at night when I can’t sleep I find the most beautiful things on Marktplaats 😉 Sytze says that at night I have better things to do other than browse Marktplaats….

kitchen is assembled by Erwin and Sytze. Shifting and fitting and measuring.

Workshop/flex spot

This room needs the most work, a ceiling and a floor. This large room is adjacent between our office and the cafeteria, making it ideal for multiple uses.  Thus, the plan is to turn it into a workshop space with possibly a few workstations. Workshops can then be given not only by us, but also by others. How fun is that! Since this space is the least priority we tackle it last.

Now a ballroom, soon to be a super workshop space!

Downstairs we also have a large workshop and packing room, these will come up next week!

Good weekend, we are happily tinkering for a while longer;-)


Love Esther