Work work work work

Usually only photos of the end result appear on Facebook  and Instagram. The beautiful bulls, hummingbirds and Oh my Deers perfectly styled in beautiful homes. Reality is often very different! Armed with sander, dust cap and work gloves, there is quite a process involved! Before it gets there at all, weeks of thinking and drawing have preceded it.

Once the broad outlines are ready, the first draft is forwarded to Leonora. She designs the drawings for Fabryk Design. But also custom work for corporate clients and new designs, basically everything focused on webshop area. When that is done, the orders are put through. Large quantities of bulls and other geometric shapes are processed each week.


We also have many custom orders, of course. Super diverse, for example, last week we were able to make 2 beautiful cabinets for Nebraska Jeans and Fashion in Heerenveen. With a background in fashion, it is easy to think along with the customer.

The kids are also helping out more and more. Elise knows the operations of packing orders and Brent is not averse to the sander. Sytze is regularly out and about bringing orders around, Fabryk a well-oiled machine! Even Pip is part of our family business and is demolished after a day of packing orders!

Last week a friend asked Brent: What do you think about mom making so many beautiful things with Fabryk? Yes nice, mom can think of many things, but heitie can make them even better 😉

Good weekend all!

Love Esther

Ps. Don’t forget to sign up for our giveaway, by this time next week the winner will be announced! Who will win that beautiful big bull?

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