My name is Naomi Vermunt and I have been married to Martijn for 15 years. Together we have a son of 12 (Daan). I have enjoyed working in fashion for 12 years and outside of work I really enjoy working with interior design.

A private account

Since March of 2019, I started sharing photos of our house and garden on instagram under the name lucky_coins_home. I had been following interior design accounts on my private account for a while and I thought it would be fun to share interior design inspiration as well, but without tiring people around me with my photos.

My dream house

I find it hard to describe my dream house, because my wishes change every few years. I think that the house we live in now is very close to my dream house, only my kitchen could be a bit more spacious, so that a nice big table and a kitchen island would fit. Oh yes….. and a super cool brick wall belongs in my dream house. I don’t have one (yet). You always have to have something to wish for and dream about!

A semi-detached house

The house we live in is a semi-detached house with two floors. Because we have a flat roof, we have a lot of space in the attic. There we have two large bedrooms and one of them has a bathroom en-suite. On the second floor we have three bedrooms and a bathroom. My favorite place in this house is the corner of the couch. From this spot I can overlook the whole house (except the kitchen) and the garden.

This round mirror was given to me by my parents. A store here in the village was discontinuing and they took a look there. When they saw the mirror they really thought it was for me, bought it and were at my door with it 10 minutes later. Sweet huh!

Lucky Coin by Madumadu

I really wanted this lucky coin from Madumadu because besides the fact that I like it, I think it’s really cool. Furthermore, it fits my instagram name perfectly. Unfortunately, I could only find it in black. Their own webshop also only had it in black. Fortunately, a store that sold the brand was willing to inquire for me if they didn’t secretly still have this cool home decor necklace on a shelf somewhere. And as it turned out, they indeed had!!! Too bad the brand discontinued, because I think they sold very cool stuff!


My latest interior design purchase is a two-seater sofa for Daan’s game room. This room is adjacent to the living room and has French doors. When Daan is not there chilling with friends, the doors are actually always open, making it an extension of the living room. There were always two old armchairs there, but one of them really needed replacing. Now we chose to put a couch there, which you can easily sit three people on. We have had the sofa for two weeks now and we are super happy with it.

My inspiration from Instagram

I get my inspiration mostly from instagram, Pinterest and home furnishing stores. I love wandering around stores with old building materials. Old stuff I love! Especially of that cool raw stuff. I prefer to combine that again with new tighter stuff.

Tough bike in the game room

I personally think the coolest product from fabrykdesign is Harry the herring. So when I turned 40, this one was at the top of my list and was also given to me by friends. It looks so cool in the house!

Would love to add the bike to my fabrykdesign collection someday. I also think these are so incredibly cool!!! I already have the place where it should go in my head too, namely above the game room TV. I would then go for the bike in wood color, so it would contrast nicely with the television!

A collection of home accessories

Then lastly, my living sin….., I have a really hard time saying goodbye to stuff because hey, imagine if next week I suddenly come up with that I can still use it. As a result, we have 1 room upstairs that is bursting at the seams with all sorts of home accessories that are not currently being used. Well, we’ll keep that door shut and luckily the three of us still have plenty of rooms left that we can use normally 😉