The Inside Look: at Shirley’s

The Binnenkijker is a monthly blog written by Fabryk fans featuring beautiful inspirational interiors.
This month we go inside the home of Shirley of wonenop1

I am Shirley Bonenberg, I am married to Jaap and we have a 15-year-old son, his name is Damian. We have a dog named Lola and there are 4 fluffy chickens walking in the garden that provide our daily fresh eggs. We have our own business, my husband is an accountant/tax specialist and I do the administration. I also have fun assignments through Instagram, which I am regularly busy with. On Instagram, my name is @wonenop1

Country, industrial, Scandinavian with a touch of design

My living style cannot be described in one word. Our house, of course, being a farmhouse, has rural details. In my previous house, I had a country decor, which was fine there because it was a modern and sleek house. Here I didn’t like the look of that, it was too much. So soon we added industrial details like lamps and the large dining table. To soften the industrial a bit, I added Scandinavian details by feel in the form of chairs and accessories. I also don’t want to miss a touch of design in my home. Sounds like a mess, but this is the description of my style.

My inspirations for my interior design

Everyone inspires me on Instagram, no matter how big or small you are. In the beginning, I really had two favorite accounts, @binnenbijbuitenhuis and @huisno.30. Because of these 2 ladies, I got really excited to expand my Instagram account. One of them unfortunately quit, but they are still favorites.

Living desires always remain in my home

Favorite at the moment is our bed. After 25 years, we decided to buy another bed with wonderful mattresses. The bed is not only beautiful, but it sleeps wonderfully.

Certainly we have housing needs. We would like to have several large windows and/or doors installed in our facade. With this, we want to involve the outside more with the inside. And we have a beautiful view that we now see too little of. Once this is done, we can continue to expand and address our garden plan. In the near future, I am going to give our downstairs bathroom a low-budget metamorphosis. That will soon be seen on Instagram.

I don’t mis-sell easily. So I wouldn’t be able to name anything very quickly. Generally, I don’t buy without careful thought, usually I have what I want to buy in my head for a long time.

I really love your geometric figures! And very clever how such a thing is made! Also your circles are great, what a different atmosphere that can give a space right away.

Great circles for a great atmosphere

I got to know Fabrykdesign through Instagram. I already saw beautiful products passing by other Instagrammers all the time. So I was delighted when I was allowed to pick something myself.

I myself have the geometric fish hanging in the kitchen. That one fits my style great and I get a lot of compliments on it.

Styling tip: Go live in your home for a while before buying and putting up all sorts of things. It’s quickly too much or it’s too many styles mixed together. Look closely at others, on social media or living programs to see what you really like. And so try to find your own mix so that it really becomes your style.