Milou is what you call an FBRK. Fan of the first hour. Even before we had a website in the air at all, Milou was already a customer of ours, regularly sending me an app asking if we had any fun new items in our assortment. And so a fine customer relationship was created! Milou’s interior cannot be captured in one word, she combines tough with industrial but also a touch of country living.

From former auto garage to residential home.

Her home is special in itself; it used to serve as a car garage. Her parents live in the front house, and Milou and her family live in the garage section. the large windows used to be the garage doors.

The characteristic house borders the quiet side of the canal in Appelscha. Lovely quiet living in a rural environment, but also with the coziness of tourism in the summer! Hidden behind a large hedge, you will find here the special residence garage house.

From Fan to Fabryk. home!

Milou’s house is what you call an FBRK. house, we have among other things. Made a wall cabinet for her to work on. A wall-filling TV cabinet, dining table, coffee tables and baker’s cabinets. You can also find the necessary accessories from Fabryk Design in her home! With some regularity, she herself is out and about with brush and wallpaper rollers, quickly resulting in a whole new look.

Both workspace and eye-catcher.

The wall cabinet we made for Milou serves as a workspace for her and the children. There is tinkering, work and homework. In addition, the scaffold tube system makes it easy to adjust the height of the cabinet. This way you adjust the shelves to your desired height. By default, we make the boards in the color anthracite. Prefer a different color? No problem! The wall cupboard is a cool item in the interior with nice storage space!

FBRK. Wall cabinet

A new dining table!

The large round dining table had been on the wish list. Milou wondered if it just didn’t take up too much space. would take. On the contrary, because of the round shape you are slightly in diameter lose more space, but you also gain a lot of space! Everyone is sitting all around, and so a round table is very cozy to have drinks at, a game of to play or hours of family breakfast. The base of this table is Made by Sytze himself, what a cool eye catcher he is!

FBRK. Dining Table

What a beauty.

An eye-catcher in the living room, this mega cabinetry with lots of storage space. The entire cabinet consists of a metal frame with flap doors. The leather loops add a cool effect. The cabinet is made of Custom wood and then coated with stain and various colors of wax. The cabinet is modularly made and therefore can be taken apart again and transport.

I actually didn’t want the big coffee table at all sell, because such a mega tree trunk disk you only meet once in a while! And what a work I’ve had of it, sanding sanding sanding…. But the result may be there. We chose to place the table on wheels, That way you move it easily!

The Baker’s Cupboard.

The bakery cabinet was one of the first FBRK. items in Milou’s home. Back then, we were still purchasing old bakery racks and refurbishing them into new cabinets. Meanwhile, we no longer do this and have our own new baking cabinets.  This little model is super handy in the kitchen/living room. You quickly adjust the contents by giving your showpieces a place in the cabinet!

FBRK. Baker’s Cupboard

We also made the kitchen shelves from tree trunk leaf specially For Milou. This is how she reflects country living throughout her home. Also I worked these with wax and attached them to the wall with dowels.

In short, a very nice home where Milou and her family enjoy living.