Upgrade Your home with the latest interior design trends – Fabryk design

Is your interior in dire need of a makeover or boost? Then I will definitely read on if I were you. Once in a while, there comes a time when you get a little bored of certain items in your interior. Then it’s time for a change! Just how do you tackle a makeover and what are the latest trends? In this blog you will be briefly updated on how to boost your interior with the latest interior design trends.

The color of 2019

As may be the case with your is well known, Flexa releases the color of the year every year. The color of 2019 is “Spiced Honey. An amber hue with a warm feel. This Color gives your interior a very atmospheric look! You see ‘Spiced Honey’ massively recur in various interiors, and the color is also easy to combine.

Round shapes in your home

Should you have a fairly modern interior with clean lines, you can refresh your interior by adding round shapes. This way you immediately have a win-win situation, because round shapes in your home are a huge trend. It gives your interior a more playful effect, think of a nice wall sticker, round mirror on the wall or a round pouf by the couch!

Window and wall decoration

In recent years, the window decorations are no longer just used for practical purposes, but the looks have become defining for the look of your interior. From a beautiful velour curtain to shutters, every window decoration has an important addition to your interior. A trend in window decoration land are wooden blinds!

Not only do window coverings play a big role in your interior these days, but you also see a lot of wall coverings. Wall coverings are paintings or rugs that cover your entire wall. Here you can totally express your creativity and go wild with various patterns and colors. Should you like more solid colors on your wall, you can of course brighten up the wall with decorations such as geometric shapes and animals! A beautiful Bull or Hummingbird from Fabryk design will certainly not look out of place on a plain wall. That way you’ll have an instant eye-catcher! Be inspired in advance by the photos below.


Green in your interior

What you also see a lot of is green in your interior! If not in the form of a lick of paint then it is well plants that you see coming back continuously. Well-known houseplants are the ‘monstera deliciosa’ and the banana plant. For example, put these plants in the corner of the living room and the room is instantly brightened up! Should it maintaining plants are not quite your thing, incorporate greenery into your home accessories or paint one wall in the room a shade of green.

Which trend is your favorite?