“The interior is finished, I feel at home here!”

The design of your home is something that is constantly changing and tells a lot about yourself. A new candlestick, pillow here, plaid there. Most important to make it feel like home, a good foundation. When we started with the new interior, it went at a furious pace, but our first Fabryk Item is one I won’t forget: The bull! A true compliment trigger. By now you will be thinking, who am I at home with? You are at home with me, Suzan aka the online FBRK nerd. You may have seen me pass by several times. I work weekly on the web shop, all of which I do from home and completely in style. Are you watching? Then in the meantime, I’ll share how we made the choices for furniture in our home!fabryk-design-bureau-suzan-graafstra-online-marketing-marketer-webshop-webdesign You can already see it’s a piece of custom Fabryk Design designed by Esther. The nice thing is that everything was taken into account. The length, so it fits well in the space. The depth so I can work fine and a nice depth for a piece of atmosphere. A very nice place to work! Since I love a little glitter, Esther waxed the desk so there is a subtle gold-like color in it. Surely that makes your Nel Veerkamp heart beat a little faster!

The right filling for the spaces

The piece of furniture I fell in love with is the Baker’s Cupboard, it had been very high on my wish list for ages. I had asked Esther to come to our home because I wanted her to take a look. Open spaces are very nice, but then how does everything come into its own? And then also really feel, this is right! Esther knew how to deal with that. Thus, 2 separate sofas became 1 large corner sofa that was given a new place in the living room. This created the perfect spot for the Baker’s Cupboard. However, I did want 2 doors in there so that I had extra storage space as well.fabryk-design-baking-cabinet-suzan-graafstra-herman-ockhuizen-interieuradadviesfabryk-design-geometric-animals-ice-bear Our large corner sofa gives a cozy sitting area, so I found it very difficult to find a nice coffee table to go with it. Square, rectangle, one or two tables? And there came a surprising touch, one Saturday evening a design came to me. Esther had given it some more thought and had the solution! I thought this was a nice addition, as it completes our sitting area and round is a surprising shape in our mostly “straight interior.”fabryk-design-suzan-graafstra-salon-table-coffee-table Finally, our large dining table with an unusual leg. I had this so in my head and wanted this very much, only how do you explain something that is in your head? I told my wishes and tried to state as clearly as possible what I meant. With that, Esther made a sketch and I am so happy with the end result! A long table where we can have cozy dinners and work.fabryk-design-dining-room-table-suzan-graafstra-online-marketing-interior-advice And this is the work meeting, so you can imagine that working together at a Fabryk table is a blast! Meanwhile, I am thinking about the latest project in the living room, so I can say by now that I have become a bit “Fabryddicted”!fabryk-design-dining-table-collaboration-hervad-media-suzan-graafstra-herman-ockhuizen Happy weekend! Love, Suzan