Inside look at:

Today I will make the winner of the FBRK. Bull famous, how many people participated again! Thank you for your participation. We also take a look at a real FBRK. house where I had the opportunity to do much of the styling. There you will find, among other things, the showpiece of our collection, the FBRK. Bakers cabinetand more custom furniture including the FBRK. Bull.

What do they think of it themselves?

Esther gave us interior design advice and we made a plan based on that. She thought along about the layout of the living room, so that all the “nooks and crannies” were shown off well. She also provided color advice so that everything becomes one. I also ordered the industrial bins and the bicycle from Fabryk Design because they complete the interior of the baker’s closet. How super happy we are with this final result, on to the next FBRK. projects. 

Want to preview which program will be filming at our home soon? Then take a look at BinnensteBuiten, a program of KRO NCRV. You can also still participate in the collaboration with Jellina Detmar and win €75 shopping credit. Have you seen the big bike hanging at her house yet? How awesome that looks!

See you next week and enjoy your weekend!

Love, Esther