“It is better to go down with your own vision, than with someone else’s vision” – Johan Cruijff

Vision, focus and grip. Just a few terms we use very regularly, say very often, in the office. You want to keep focus so as not to lose sight of your vision, and we like to keep a grip on things.

Vision, Focus and Grip

But what good is that vision, focus and grip when the pe-leur-is breaking out? Then you go into business in survival mode, doing what you have to do to keep your head above water. Because you want to pay your staff at the end of the month. Because you have been working in and on your business for years for a reason. You don’t let a crisis or corona take that away from you.

Exciting weeks

We have had mega exciting weeks. How will we operate with half as many orders and staffing? Stores having to lock up, suppliers unable to deliver and so on. I have written several blogs about it(blog April 10 and blog corona) that tell exactly how we got through these weeks.

Business continues to change

And now that the port is back in sight for the time being, we’re back to working on our business! Now that we have experienced such growth again, things are going to change ( again ). Boy, did I mention that the past 4 years have been a rollercoaster? It just doesn’t stop, just when you think you have a “grip” on things it turns out that we still need to make strides.

Fantastic plan for FBRK-Works!

Fabryk Design’s vision of “making the world a little more beautiful inside and out” doesn’t change that. Indeed, we are going to integrate this vision even more into our businesses. In fact, we wrote a fantastic plan to deploy FBRK-Works! Young adults can participate in a customized program in which they will develop their workforce skills. They do this by participating in Fabryk Design’s processes, among other things. We are also planning to start a creative studio, and additional space is needed for this. Discussions are currently underway to shape this. Within two years, Fabryk is already outgrowing its size…unbelievable!

Warehouse too small

Fabryk design’s workshop also deserves some extra attention. The warehouse is becoming too small and the space where the milling machine is located is also becoming too small. July 15 we will get the key to a new shed. This is where we will house everything related to milling and sanding. Sytze will start working full-time in the fabryk beginning in mid-August. Another exciting new step, now we were already working together a lot, so from then on, every day!

Systems and automation, step 1!

But before we take these steps, we also need to make some organizational changes. I can no longer manage all the processes as I always did. There is just too much work, stores, individuals and businesses and all deserve our attention. Systems and automation is the first step so we can get back to work with focus, vision and grip ?


Love Esther