Making it cozy in the home

After a wonderful summer, okay, also a wet summer, we are retreating back into our homes for the next few months. Time to cocoon! Nature is preparing to let go, and that’s what we need to do more of as well. Taking the throttle back, letting go of what has been and literally turning more inward.

How nice then to make your home a cozy place full of warmth and security. The place where you can be completely yourself and may relax. Slowly but surely we are preparing for the darkest months of the year, but they are also the months that provide companionship and togetherness. Having drinks with friends now that the weather is possible, playing games at the kitchen table and cooking elaborate meals!

The start of a new season

Warming up by the stove after a long walk and enjoying a cup of steaming tea are truly the enjoyment moments of autumn for me. The transitions in the forest from green to red-brown leaves, the panicle hydrangeas turning from pearly white to reddish pink… If you are willing to see it, the colors are beautiful and an inspiration for the coming winter.

October marks the start of a new season for us, time to get started inside! Give your interior a quick makeover with one of our beautiful items for the wall.

Together with our colleagues at Fabryk Werkt, we create the most beautiful accessories for your interior. It is a challenge every season to complement our collection with innovative and sustainable products.


For us, sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue, throwing away leftover materials goes against our principles, which is why we are working on a beautiful series of wall artworks made from waste materials. Each item is unique and only one of them exists!

Nice actions!

To get Living Month off to a great start, we have promotions and discounts all month long! From stacking discounts to a free mini geometric shape with your order. Are you curious about our extensive assortment? Then check our website and socialmedia for all updates! There we will keep you updated daily on the ins and outs of our fabryk, where we work with so much love with our participants to create the most beautiful products!

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