Pip, the labradoodle of FBRK-Works!

Three years ago we were looking for a sweet family dog, a buddy for our children and, of course, for ourselves. Soon we ended up with a labradoodle, intelligent, reliable and hypoallergenic. Since day one she has been an integral part of our family and work, what a fine dog Pip is!

Since two years Pip also goes with us to work, and gradually we found out that she is very suitable as a cuddle dog. Everyone loves Pip, in the morning she greets everyone warmly at the coffee table. She puts her head on your lap or you get a friendly nudge against your arm.

Pip provides support in many different areas, although she is not specifically trained as a service dog her natural character provides adequate support. The labradoodle’s soft curly coat feels wonderfully soft, Pip visibly enjoys it when participants cuddle with her. She offers comfort when needed, and challenges when needed.

Pip the labradoodle feels what you need.

The labradoodle is a great dog for children/adults with an autistic spectrum, she helps with communication and pushing boundaries. A dog needs care, of course; she is fed and walked at regular intervals. Rhythm, structure and a daily walk ensure that our participants are encouraged to get moving. Pip is very intuitive, within no time she makes new participants feel comfortable within the fabryk. In fact, Pip is always happy to see you and wants to cuddle with you. Labradoodles are true pleasers and are quick to sense what a person needs. Some like to sit quietly with her on the couch and tickle her fur, while others enjoy throwing balls with her outside. The special thing about Pip is that she quickly seeks eye contact with you, you can’t avoid her!

When she is done playing she looks for a quiet place to sleep of her own accord, preferably doing so with four paws in the air or under my desk.

Another important thing to know is that Pip is hypoallergenic, which means she is also suitable for people with allergies. Because of her special coat, she does not shed, and by maintaining her coat properly and trimming it regularly, she stays clean.

Would you like to learn about FBRK-Works! Or with Pip? Then contact us without obligation, you can reach us on phone number 085 864 0109 or via email info@fbrkwerkt.nl