Oh boys How long has it been since I blogged! Sorry! The weeks are flying past here and so much is happening that it really was time for an update.

He is called Harrie, or affectionately Hetty ? I don’t care what they call it as long as the fish has a name! He is so incredibly cool and is swimming out the Fabryk.

First there was a rather skeptical response to the idea of a fish, but once produced, it is still very bold! Restaurants and catering establishments love it. Just like our instagrammers! We love Harie.


I love it in black, but it is also very cool in white. Not only is the herring new, quite recently is the llama.


Youtuber Laurie (from expedition Robinson) got it and is super happy with it, she showed this in a youtube video, among other things! By the way, did you know that we have lots of cool influencers on instagram who are fans of our geos? On insta we also post fun comments every day! Always just a tad different and give nice inspiration on insta as well.


Okay, 1 more sneak peek then 😉 You probably know our clothing racks, we’re working on a cool variation of that! Including scaffold tubes in gold and in white! I’m all about the gold, so the first copy has already been claimed by myself!


Also, another nice piece of news from my side, we are going on the farm with Fabryk ? That means you might just run into us in the cutest stores, garden centers, baby stores and cool concept stores! We are going to expand our collections. For example, a garden assortment is coming, and we will also do more with baby rooms. In which stores and cities I can’t tell you about yet, but when the time comes I will definitely share that with you.


Enjoy all of the beautiful Easter weekend, the weather promises to be wonderful! As bonus, I made it a free shipping weekend for you. Use the code: easter free shipping


Love Esther