SNURK for horizontal living

Waking up in the morning is not my strong suit; my husband has to call me at least three times before he demonstratively pulls the comforter off me. Rolled up like a little ball, I let myself drift away for a moment longer between the wonderful dreamland and harsh reality.

With my new comforter from SNURK Amsterdam, this already tricky morning ritual is even more difficult, because boy how nice this sleeps!!! I really am a sissy when it comes to bedding, too heavy, too hot, too stiff or too slippery. But since I discovered SNURK, I really don’t want anything else.

Funny, hand-painted pom poms

So I place quite a few demands on good bedding, for example, I think it is important that it lasts a long time and is therefore of good quality. I usually choose a neutral color, preferably white or beige tones. This looks nice and fresh and clean! A small motif, or like now the funny pom poms 2 person comforter cover give just that fun twist to your bedroom. I wash my cotton bedding with warm water and a drop of laundry perfume, then it goes on the clothesline and if possible, back on our bed the same night!

Because like SNURK, I think “horizontal living” is very important. In my daily life as an entrepreneur, I am “busy busy” on my way to clients or on the job for an office day. My days at Fabryk Design are never boring. Add to that numerous hobbies and you know my days are well filled and at the end of the day I long for my bed.

As an entrepreneur, I recognize much of Peggy and Erik’s story, the sustainable philosophy and creative process I recognize from thousands. Slow fashion which lasts for seasons and even years instead of the fast trade. But also the realization that we are all getting busier and busier and need to recharge our batteries in time.

Relaxed sleep is important

Sleep is wonderful, after a busy work day I find the feeling of sinking into a dreamless sleep the most delicious feeling of the day. A relaxed body, your head still and that too under a beautiful, soft comforter. It’s nice to know that the bedding is not made by children’s hands, that sleeps just a little more comfortably!

I want Ollie!

When our daughter saw my new quilt she was immediately excited. Mom, I want that one too! Since we moved not too long ago and are still in the midst of renovations, we hadn’t gotten around to buying new bedding. Since my daughter is quite sensitive like me, I was sure a real SNURK would be perfect for her. Together we searched online for a new comforter, marveling at the cute prints and motifs at the comforter covers animals.

Mom, how I would have loved this when I was younger. I would have definitely gone for the unicorn then. We have outgrown the princess, ballerina and mermaid phase for a while now. So she chose the quilt with Ollie, the curled-up kitty on the footboard. This is super cute!!! That way it looks just like Joris is in bed with me! (Our old cat, who can no longer come up the stairs for a sneaky sleepover.)

Garden poster-abstract-bows-rose-mockup.jpg
Never anything else but SNURK

Now that we have been sleeping under SNURK comforters for a while, I know one thing for sure, we never want anything else. And when we go to bed at night, and take a quick peek around the corner at the kids, it’s so cute to see our 13-year-old adolescent also sleeping soundly with Ollie at the foot of the bed.