The Geometric Hummingbird in the home of @wonenbyes

My very first blog and secretly I’m excited about it… Let’s give it a try!

Before I begin, let me briefly tell you something about myself. I am Esther Kuipers, 32 years old and live in Haarlem with my boyfriend. Originally I’m from Friesland, so that’s where the link to Fabryk Design is. As a little girl, my room always had to look exactly how I wanted it to. In the houses that followed, I thought interior design was very important, but in our new house I have only just gone wild with styling. Earlier this year, we bought a dilapidated 1900s warehouse in downtown Haarlem. Among other things, we converted the downstairs from a garage to a living room/kitchen. As the end of the remodel approached, I started my instagram page @wonenbyes and was an addiction richer.

The styling of my personal favorite!

Fabryk Design asked me to write a blog about styling the Hummingbird. I think it’s a work of art in itself, but how do you make sure it looks best in your interior? I have hung it in several places in my home and would love to tell you how to properly incorporate the Hummingbird into your home decor.

Choose color

You can order Fabryk Design’s geometric shapes in a variety of colors. So how do you choose the right one? Will you go for an eyecather by choosing “Metallic Gold,” for example? Then make sure it becomes a real eye-catcher by placing it on a dark back wall, for example, or applying an accent color in your interior.


Personally, I would then choose to put some accessories in the same color in your home so that it becomes a whole. As you can see, I chose the color “wood” because the color palette in my home consists of natural tones such as gray, white, beige and cream. Furthermore, I love (raw) wood and you can see that in the furniture and the beamed ceiling.

The right place

When picking the spot, you can look at the shape of the Hummingbird, as shown below. The Hummingbird seems to hover above the TV, so to speak, and its shape fits well in this spot, as it hangs nicely between the TV and plants.

Color and shape combination

Another way is to look for the right color and/or shape combination so that it blends into the space, so to speak. The wood and bamboo make the Hummingbird a unit in this space. The lines of the lamp and the Hummingbird also match well.


In the spot below, I think the Hummingbird matches well in color with the wood details and in shape with the herringbone floor.


In another room in my home, I created a Moroccan-inspired lounge. In addition to natural tones, I also used a red hue there. In terms of shape, the hummingbird fits well between the two windows and in the composition with the plant placed higher than the mirror. In terms of color, the “Antique Pink” would have fit even better here, but … you can’t have it all!

Tip: The hummingbird sticks (at least on my plastered wall) with plenty of washi tape. I used Action’s washi tape that you can buy there for next to nothing. Of course, I don’t know for how long it will hold, but at least enough time to find a suitable place! Shop this Hummingbird now with 10% off by using the code “wonenbyes”!

In which spot in my house do you like the Hummingbird best?