On to 2019!

Every year I write a letter to myself, a letter outlining my intentions for the coming year. It’s nice to read that letter back every once in a while, to see where we stand and if I’m still living up to my intentions. A good reflection on myself, putting me back on edge.

Much of what is described in the “note to self” for 2018 is just genailed! And I am proud of that, really mega proud! Last year was eventful, a move to the old dairy, staff, new machines and a B2B function added. A doubling of orders, new designs and a furniture line in progress. There are still a few finishing touches to be made but then I have pretty much met all my goals.

Thick tears

As I was putting together Christmas packages on Monday night, it overwhelmed me, thick tears welled up. Although I didn’t even have a cause the tears kept coming.  Tired, sooo terribly tired, in my head and in my body. Tired of everything that kept going through my head or needed to be done. Tired of the physical work, remodeling and moving but also tired of all the things that have come my way recently.  I thought back to last year, when it was all nice and manageable, when every order still went through my own hands. When I took care of every customer contact myself and had complete control. Handled every phone call himself and made all the decisions himself.

Let it GO!

Yes, 2018 was a year of letting go, letting go that you can’t do everything “zelluf.” Rely on the expertise of your colleagues. Handing off things that  others might be able to do much better than myself.  But how darn hard is that, when Fabryk is your baby and I prefer to have all the strings tightly in my hands. Little by little, I let go more and more; for example, Marijke has taken charge of Instagram for the past few months. What passion and inspiration she puts into our account! In terms of content, she knows exactly what sizes, colors and figures we have in our range. She has made herself indispensable!

After twelve Christmas packages, the tears were gone, the burden fell from my shoulders and I looked at the result with satisfaction. Those are just standing there anyway, twelve beautiful, carefully crafted Christmas packages as extras for my team. Who supported me, were allowed to participate in decisions and work in Fabryk with as much passion and love as we do.


2019 promises to be a wonderful year, with a second company called FBRK-Werkt! Does a cherished wish become a reality. Together with Anieka, we are working behind the scenes to set up a day care center. Here we continue to build the future, including socially! We have a beautiful space that we are going to turn into a showroom/daycare in the coming weeks.

thanks to all of you

Without Sytze’s support I would not have made it this past year, the man who has meant so much to FBRK behind the scenes. Who can be found night after night with Lars in the workshop. Who occasionally sends me to bed when I can no longer stand on my feet. Without Sytze, no FBRK! Without Ellen, the controlling factor and also one of my best friends with whom I can always be myself. Without Janique who creates the most beautiful designs and turns my vague sketches into a masterpiece. Without our families stepping in when things get busy or taking care of the kids. Without our super interns , who are totally FBRK-minded and whom I would prefer to keep all of them. There are so many people involved in Fabryk that it is impossible to thank everyone.

I am looking forward to 2019, looking forward to surprising you with new designs. Fancy introducing even more people to Fabryk. Looking forward to doing fun things with my family and very much looking forward to learning new things again!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, a healthy and above all wonderful 2019!

Love Esther