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“Where is she now?” One of my colleagues taking a call for me. “She’s stuck in the in the studio, that’s where she almost always is!”

Well, always is a big word, but you can find me in the studio quite regularly. Where it started before, designing and shaping the products themselves. Due to the rapid growth of Fabryk, I also spent times sitting at my desk, working on all kinds of things that had nothing to do with creativity, but which I did learn a lot from, namely that you have to use your talents and for everything else you have to gather people around you with their own talents and knowledge.

An eye opener

Suppose you are a photographer, but you get so busy with requests and quotes that you no longer have time to take photos yourself and so you hire someone to take your photos. You could also have said, “I will hire someone who is good at administration and quoting and I will go back to shooting myself.”

That was an eye-opener first class! It sounds very logical, but you grow so fast unnoticed that you also have to shift gears quickly and suddenly I needed not only an administrative assistant, but also a graphic designer and interior designer. And still I sat at the desk… And I felt the creativity flowing out of me….

Designing products


No more spontaneous hunches for a new product or concept. Many loose ends from unfinished projects that did take time, and therefore money. Meanwhile, my body began to ache more and more; a paracetamol was no longer enough to get through the day on. My neck, shoulders and back hurt more and more, and the fatigue was there continuously. Fuck, this is not good. And so in mid-October I rang the bell….

The first question I was asked was; What energizes you?

Of being creative.

That’s a very broad term, can you be a little more specific?

Designing new products and concepts for our company.

Is that what you’re doing now too?

No, actually no. I am mostly concerned with managing.

Can you schedule time off to get “creative” again on your own?

I can always try,

Are you just going to try it or actually do it?

I’m going to DO it too!


And lo and behold, in a few weeks we will launch a completely new line made with and by participants of
A line full of love, creativity and fun! We keep you posted!

Xx Esther