In Japan, they talk about Omotenashi. That stands for: Maximum empathy for your guests and offering them more comfort than at home.

You have to surprise them, you are always ahead of them, and you love them. Creating fun and genuinely wanting to help and entertain your guests”

Something very obvious to us: Omotenashi, a feeling got a name!

Want a different color for your geometric animal? Or are you not so handy with putting a cabinet together? We will make sure this is taken care of.

Somebody’s birthday? Indicate it and we will wrap it festively for you. No time to pick up your order during the day? Evening is also fine!

To me, it’s quite natural, because our products are designed with heart and soul, so I want nothing more than for the customer to be
from them as well.

Speaking of surprises, just a few more weeks and then we move over to Donkerbroek.

An old dairy that has had multiple uses over the years. And for the next few years will become the domain of Fabryk Design.

I can hardly put into words how much I feel like getting started in this beautiful old building. To serve our customers and guests from this unique location. First I spent some time thinking and especially letting it sink in what we were going to do with the layout of the property. We received some wonderful photos of the documentation center(s) in Donkerbroek. There is a story behind every photo, and this can touch me so much then…. This makes the property come alive even more. You see again for a moment before you how things used to be. How there was hard work and lugging milk cans.

factory workers of the Cloverleaf Donkerbroek

This feeling, the atmosphere, the Omotenashi by Fabryk Design an experience in itself! You can still clearly see the shapes in the workshop. The windows are original, and the large columns are also still there. The base of the factory is tough industrial, these old photos form the basis for the rest of the interior design.

Fabryk’s workshop

Fabryk students worked on a design plan last week, but not before getting inspiration at Show Up! A large buying fair in Vijfhuizen. Immediately a nice start to the internship period to get to know each other.

So many colors, textures new shapes and materials. For “visually impaired” like us, a heaven on earth. The interns each get to design and execute their own space within the factory. Pretty exciting for them, because then suddenly it’s no longer fictional, but becomes for real 😉

The reception area, showroom, offices and workshop. From picking out floors to paint work, I let it ( almost) go! Together they presented their plans and created a plan of action. We will start implementation today, but not before all of this weekend’s orders go out the door. So work to be done!

Omotenashi… I want the other person to be happy. This applies not only to customers but also to employees and ourselves. Together we make sure that Fabryk becomes a nice, inspiring workplace where we can put all our creativity and love into so that we can serve you even better.


Have a great week!

Love Esther