And if it was a week, I’ll take you up on it!


So we took pictures of critters, lots of different critters!

somebody has to be the goat

Nadine de Ruiter Photography and I have a joint project.  This adventure began at the tiger sanctuary in Oldeberkoop. But as is often the case with us, we fell from one thing to another.

Chaotic as we are, we simply decided to set up another project in addition to our busy pursuits. A sequel with young animals was born! Since many baby critters come into the world in the spring, we immediately made it an action item. Through through, and after a call on facebook, there were more 140 applications from interested parties with young stuff in the house or on the farm.

And action!

We pulled ahead for a few days and hit the road! Armed with camera, background boards and assistant along farms. Mini kittens, cheeky bucks and lambs. From alpacas to forest cats, we’ve had it all.

laughing at wild lambs 😉

What we will do with all those photos remains a surprise for a while. We have since been around the country visiting several companies that can turn our ideas into a concrete product. One can hardly speak of a project anymore, it has almost become a business in its own right.

This makes me happy!

This is what I love most about entrepreneurship and Fabryk Design. Coming up with something, developing it and then marketing it! As I just briefly mentioned, Nadine and I are slightly chaotic together. We jump from heel to heel, rattling on uncontrollably. Yet we know exactly what we mean and what to expect from each other.  Just a few more weeks of patience and then hopefully we can present it to you!

The text- FBRK.

You may have already seen it, our newest facebook page and Instagram account: FBRK. This is where all of our quotes, texts and poems will appear. Soon these will be bundled into a beautiful line of cards. In addition to the texts, you will soon find the test tubes with texts here.  They are innocent little poems for young and old. I can become incredibly happy with a beautiful text, which is why we are going to continue with this 😉


All in all, quite an enervating week! In addition to our “regular” work, this is super fun to do but it also requires some extra effort. It was also quite a tough week privately.  For example, our oldest daughter decided to trip over a sidewalk tile!!!  It didn’t seem to be too bad at first, but after a hellish night, we had to go to the hospital for a check-up photo. Final conclusion is that we spent all Saturday in the hospital and she had broken her wrist. The poor soul even had to go under anesthesia to set her pulse. By now she has a nice pink cast and can manage a lot better. Even with a cast, she is still often too fast for me 😉


Enjoy the beautiful days to come,

Happy weekend!

Love Esther