What a celebration yesterday, our youngest Fabryker turned 6. What do you give a tough guy on his birthday? Of course, a whole lot of Knol Power, because an outfit like this was no longer to be missed by this loyal follower. He also received a cool motocrosser with his name on it. Judging by his big grin, he was pretty pleased with this! He was quite spoiled and so we had a very nice day. Thanks for your congratulations, so nice!


Besides yesterday’s party mode, I’ve had a lot of appointments this week, as we’ve been busy developing all kinds of new products. I am also involved in collaborations, because I believe in working together, trusting your intuition and those who come your way. This brings to life a wonderful co-creation where one is good with chocolate, the other with Teff whole wheat, a graphic designer with wonderful ideas and the capabilities of Fabryk Design.

Speaking of collaborations, this week I had a really fun brainstorming session on our kids line! In my dream, dare, live blog, I have already shared more about the dreams I have with Fabryk Design and how we are expanding step by step. Right now I am working out all the ideas and we will continue to discuss them, as soon as this can be shared I will be sure to do so! A little kid inspiration from a cool boys’ room, for which we did custom work.

From idea to end result, our custom projects

In the workshop the finest projects are waiting to be delivered and therefore this week a look back at projects already delivered. Creating interior items gives so much energy and by working with different clients you always come up with a new end result. What do you guys think of this project?

On behalf of this client, we created a custom coat rack, FBRK. bench with 2 drawers, geometric bicycle and 3 cubes made of steel frames. The photos of the final result always make one feel proud, how cool it turned out! In this case, we were asked to help design the hallway in the new house. The client also had a lot of inspiration of his own, which we continued to embroider on. We coordinate the requirements and make a proposal based on a mood board. Eventually, items come out of that that we will design and put into production.

Geometric week!

New geometric animals have again been added to the webshop, how cute is Muffin the dog and the scorpion with lotus flower. Our geometric animals and shapes are a favorite in every interior, which is how I brought the orders to all the new owners again this week. Enjoy it!

Are you curious to know for whom we were able to provide a complete interior design consultation with custom FBRK. furniture? More on that next week!

Enjoy your weekend!

Love, Esther