Inside Makkinga

Next Monday we will have a film crew over for the program BinnensteBuiten, how cool is that! So that means a whole week of running, jumping and flying, because everything has to be tidy and clean. So my week began with planning all the projects that needed to be completed. As you know by now, I am busy with many things at once, and this is the case again. We are busy developing the new collection, so all plans have been discussed with the photographer. Check! That’s ticked off, the photographer can get back to work on that. Posters large and small, as well as other eye catchers. A collaboration with an illustrator, all sorts of things are being worked on! I can’t wait to show you the results!

In addition, we had many orders, so they too were packed at lightning speed. Kudos to daughter’s packing skills, what a top-notch job! Then suddenly came a personal project I wanted to finish, the finishing touches on my living room. Since our house is now being photographed, you would like to have this done anyway. So hoppa, blocked a day for that too.

The old mill in my living room


I really wanted the beautiful picture of the old mill in Makkinga in our living room and look how beautiful it turned out. This completes it and you will see the entire result in the episode of Inside Out. The old picture of the Brink has also been given a nice place in the house. Combined with a few new cozy plants, it completes my own “Urban Jungle.” That’s a nice feeling, my own home is also complete again!

My other great love

Fashion and window-dressing remains another great passion and that’s where I was able to indulge my heart this week. I was allowed to restyle the shop window of Casey Fashion in Oosterwolde, what do you think of the end result? What wonderful collections again so heading towards autumn and all in a Fabryk atmosphere!

Hunting for vintage

Sytze just about got a heart attack from my short shopping trip to the Gamma for tape. With a trunk full – including the tape – I drove home again. A vintage bike for the wall, he’s still not entirely sure about that! We’ll see where it eventually hangs or stands. With also 2 industrial chairs, wire baskets and 3 bird paintings further, I must say I had a top week! How busy it was, but mostly a lot of fun. Now stretch out on the couch and relax with a nice glass of wine. It will probably be nice and early into my bed, so I can “sleep off” my puffiness a little too. Finally, it has to happen on Monday! 😉 Curious about a behind-the-scenes look with the camera crew? Keep an eye on my account because a sneak peak is coming!


Enjoy your weekend!

Much love, Esther