The Woman adventure is behind us….

A tight schedule, lots of arranging, brain dumps, working long evenings, building stands, dragging and lugging, even more arranging, eating out and drinking wine at Jan and Geeske’s kitchen table. Combining hard work with the good care of our fanatical hostess and gentleman, Jan and Geeske. Getting up early (or attempting to) in the morning , working hard and relying on each other for 4 nights and 5 days.

How much we (Greet and I) enjoyed this event from the first minute to the last!

Extraordinary how a collaboration can develop. Two women who only know each other professionally and have spoken to each other a few times, the two of them set up a project within 3 weeks. One is good with paint and wallpaper, the other with her geometric animals and furniture. The combo makes that together we realized 4 fantastic showrooms. Short lines and a Frisian sobriety, not bullshit but polish! You do this? I do, check ticked off another point. Of course, we had help from enthusiastic vendors, family and friends.

Our families, too, got to go at it again!

So the beds of Van Soethout ( Linda) were shining in our children’s room, we walked in tightly ironed blouses with our slogan and website’s printed by Kreatyf & Zo ( Milou and Wendy)  and WonenbyEs ( Esther Kuipers) gave workshops in our Boho booth. The urban Jungle greenhouse was covered in greenery by Tuindorado and the walls were covered with beautiful wallpaper by RebelWalls. Everything but everything fell into place at the moment suprême. This would not have been possible without the help of Erwin, Lars, Sytze, Simon and our youngest help Brent. Thus, family and friends were ready to take care of our offspring, collectively we did have 5 who needed shelter. It’s something with these ambitious  mothers!

The lovely gazebo just steps away that we were allowed to use was  a perfect shelter and resting place. With full focus on the exhibition days without outside distractions. With a busy Friday night, we had to replenish by Saturday morning and two more full days of sales ahead of us, we were already mostly out of stock.  Sore feet, lame legs, popping headaches, it wasn’t to spoil the fun. What a thrill it is when people get excited about your products!

We look back on a successful fair with overwhelming responses.

We have already made plans for the next event, this tastes like more!

Have a very nice weekend, enjoy!

X Esther