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The week of switching and shuttling between Fabryk Design and the kids, with a lot of fun projects and news but also the kid frustrations. Let’s start with a cool collaboration, Lifestyle Blogger Yvonne Kwakkel actually wrote a super cool blog about our geometric bull, the eyecatcher from Fabryk Design! She posted these on Instagram, among other things, and the reactions to them are so cool to read! Curious about the blog she wrote? You can read it here!

How do I survive six weeks of summer vacation?

Last Friday, I baked 25 pancakes as a wrap-up for the last day of school. Exhilarated, I took two schoolchildren home, bags full of crafts, pencil cases full of pens and the fruit bags that will hang idly on the coat rack for six weeks. The first weekend was still going, chilling out, friend staying over and a fun party on Sunday heightens the vacation spirit.

“I have nothing to do here either!”

On Monday morning, it starts already, Mom? What are we going to do? Mommy has to work for a while boys, you have to entertain yourselves for a while. After less than 15 minutes, my oldest daughter steps into my little office, I’m bored to death…. I have nothing to do here either!!!  Aarrrggh….. come on, you have enough to do! Find a friend, go for a walk with Pip… No, I don’t like all that. Bored, she plops back down on the couch with the Ipad. Piece of TV, Enzo Knol and a whole arsenal of horse Youtubers pass by. Let it go, boredom seems to be good for pre-pubers too. She has had a busy school year where she had to pull it off quite a bit, skipping grade 4 and already moving on to grade 6.  But again, after an hour it’s bingo: Mom, do you have to go to the action? No actually not, why?

Stomping feet, slamming doors and abusive cries

Well I MUST do this and I MUST do that, and YOU don’t want anything either! Irritated by the tone she strikes against me, I yell for her to get out of my sight. Mommy’s at work. After a lot of pounding feet, slamming doors and a tirade of curses, peace returned somewhat. At supper we first had a hearty conversation about the suffering called summer vacation, because if this continues they can take Mommy away in six weeks.  Spending the occasional day with the pake’s and beppe’s seemed like a good plan for all of us, that alone gives a lot of peace of mind 😉

Working from home a lot is ideal when you have young children, but for the children I am just mom, even during working hours and summer vacation. I am switching and shuttling between Fabryk and the kids all day long. Friends over, sleepovers, packing an order in between baking sandwiches and in the evening, when things have calmed down in the tent, I get behind my computer again. Elise, meanwhile, hatched the plan to earn some money as well. Together we now pack the orders and she helps me out every now and then. That way it’s a lot cozier for all of us!

Nice news alert!

We launched a new geometric shape namely, the tough motocrosser. It is also available starting today in the shop! The Kiwi bird that I posted last week is now on its way to the production process, so I can report more news about it soon as well!

More and more retailers are also interested in our products, you will soon find our lamps at By Alberts in beautiful Workum. Greet gives interior design advice and has a beautiful lifestyle business. The possibilities for retailers are also endless at FBRK. We have prepared a nice catalog, so it is then available for entrepreneurs to request.

Sytze also has 1 more week to go before construction starts. The most major projects such as custom furniture we all want to complete in the next two weeks. Soon we will be going out again with a photographer to capture all this “one of a kind” furniture. So we will share all of this with you!

Have a nice weekend and also enjoy a little summer vacation 😉

Love, Esther