This then is the end of my internship….

Last but not least…


But do not grieve because after the vacations I will return to intern again and then for 20 weeks.

But first, back to school until summer vacation and then I’ll get back on with Fabryk! Time goes so fast when you’re having fun and that’s a good sign. Mostly because it’s always entertaining. Together with Esther and Rina (Tuesday and Thursday mornings) we are a good team and complement each other well. Because it is a small business it is personal and I really like that. Then you know exactly what another person is like and have a much nicer relationship with them!

Photo shoot for FBRK.

I also had a photo shoot with my friend Sella for FBRK. I myself was allowed to dress in 1920s clothes because my subject was Peaky Blinders (Netflix series). This was totally awesome because I myself am a big fan of this series and then I got to play it myself. Sella went into the Fashion atmosphere and mounted the horse ( Nona). Together with a photographer, hairstylist and smoker, we were totally in the photo shoot element.

Sella with Nona

Erwin in the peaky blinders atmosphere ( photocredits Nadine de Ruiter photography

Fun moments

So I will not soon forget the Friday morning moments 😉  and so many other crazy moments.

farewell gift, sella and Erwin on plexiglass in oak holder

Last day
Today is my last day of internship and I have to go back to school. I enjoyed my internship at Fabryk and will miss it very much. Once you get to work you don’t want to go back to school, which is why I would also like to turn my education into a bbl. I learn everything related to my education here and more. That this is possible? I fear not, but no I have and yes I can get! So who knows what will happen in the future….

What did I learn?

Erwin aka peaky blinder;-)

My goal was to be able to experience the process A through Z, and here I was often enough. So Esther involves me in every project and I really like this, because that’s when you learn the most and see what all applies. We have a very broad audience and so you have many different types of people you meet and work with. This internship period has done me very well and I can’t wait to come back again!


Good weekend! And who knows, see you later!