365 days successful some of which were utterly k*t

For some time I had had the tickets in hand, 365 Days Successful at the Lawei.  For a while now I have been following these guys on Facebook,  besides looking cute I always think their quotes are cool!  Now that they were so close, I was only too eager to attend their college tour. I’ve written before about business coaches and spiritual hocus spocus, that it especially doesn’t work for me. Two feet on the ground and a lot of common sense was (and is) my life motto so far. But of course, broadening your horizons never hurts and I decided to go into it as open minded.

Uber skeptic squared away

We managed to get two more tickets through the grapevine and decided to ask Ellen to come along. I don’t know, Es, whether this is for me….Just come along and then you can judge whether it’s for you or not. Together with Ellen my “uber skeptic”.  So one in whom white is white, and black is black we go to Drachten. With all due respect, I love her for who she is and precisely because we don’t always agree with each other we click. Settled in row 4, we then let ourselves immerse in the world of 365 Days Successful anyway.

After the inspiring story about Jip, whom you may remember from Over mijn Lijk, we will start with an exercise. What is your life like right now? What grade do you give your 4 stress areas? Health, Relationship, Work and Financial. And  next: What does your life look like if nothing changes? And what is your greatest desire?Pretty heavy shit to spend an evening thinking about. During the break, we’re both pretty impressed with everything that just happened….  And also in the second part of the tour, all sorts of things happen that make us quiet.  Thus, I was still chosen on the big stage to be a participant in a family constellation.  Bizarrely interesting!

My new life to be created

Afterwards I took two more books with me to read everything over again and to start creating the  life I want most.  Excited, I come home at 1:30 in the morning, plop on the foot of the bed and wake Sytze. I have yet to share my enthusiasm with dearest. Half asleep and smiling, he hears me. The next day, I immediately decide to address 1 of my pain points. No more stressing.  It doesn’t help me anything and it just makes me feel like crap and high blood pressure. I do what I can do in a day and then it’s done. This is a relief!  If this becomes the beginning of my new life to be created then Day 1 is already a success! I no longer allow negative thoughts and my energy level is also going to rise again. I am a creator, I get energy from making beautiful things and decide to focus on that even more. What insights  within a very short time and I can say I am proud of myself!

And then, like a great gray thundercloud it drifts into our lives…. Just when you think you are getting a grip on your new life of your own, it turns out that everything is only relative. A healthy woman, she went into the hospital last Friday, only to come out Sunday with an all-consuming diagnosis. Our dear grandmother, only 76 years old suddenly turns out to be deathly ill. Someone who has been with you all your life, who belongs to you like the fog in Scotland and like the sun belongs to the south. The grief and helplessness is palpable and powerless you stand on the sidelines. The dynamics of family ties suddenly become so visible, relationships that were once on edge are tightened. Memories are relived and everything happens with a smile and a tear.

Suddenly it becomes more visible than ever how relationships work. How your parents’ upbringing, determines your attitude to life and character. Funnily enough, this is also an important part of the 365 Days of Success program. As long as I can I want to be there for my family, because even in all the sadness there is something beautiful again. Connectedness, being there for each other.  Speaking out what you may have always wanted to say… The unconditional love for your family because you share the same blood, genes and sometimes characters.

So we make it 365 days of successful , with a few days completely K*T