Don’t write blogs anymore? Hearing a few times last weekend, Yes of course we are still writing! If was so busy the last few weeks, with all sorts of things going on that rest for writing a blog was far from it. I put it off, or wrote a few half sentences and then moved on to something else.

Kattinga to Makkinga

Last weekend was all about “Kattinga” As part of Leeuwarden Cultural Capital 2018, several associations joined forces. Three days of performing an outdoor play in the beautiful atmosphere of the mill in Makkinga. The fairy tale “the booted cat” was a great success!  3 days, 5 performances and 4 nights of celebration!


“The ladies”

The notables on the bench

The lackeys











The black hole

Fueled by a dose of adrenaline, we enjoyed the play and, of course, the audience.  Almost all the performances were completely sold out! After such intense weeks and half a year of rehearsals, I (and with me many others) do now fall into the infamous black hole.  Somewhat relieved that it is behind us, and that we can look back on a more than successful project. Still, I miss it already. The fun and the bad jokes, the nights when it really would have been better if we had gone home early.  Had not drunk that last glass of wine, or better not gotten on the bike at all.

The beautiful weather, the wonderful costumes and the rave reviews, Kattinga 2018 you were great!

Internship over….

Not only Kattinga, but also at Fabryk, time did not stand still. For example, Lieneke is wrapping up her 10-week internship this week. Gosh!  The weeks have flown by again,  we can say that Lieneke has learned a lot and done a lot. You can look back on a top internship Lieneke!  We enjoyed you,  fortunately you have already agreed to come and help us a little extra every now and then during the summer vacations 😉

teacher posters

The last day of school is approaching, especially for the sweetest teachers, Fabryk Design has developed some really cool canvas posters that are totally awesome for the classroom.  The posters are suitable not only for a last day of school, but also for a master or teacher’s birthday.  These posters will remain in the collection!




Also added to the collection of geometric animals  and shapes is the  some. For example, a new world map is in the works, another insect is coming soon, and the swan has been added!  Unfortunately, we are increasingly being alerted by customers to fake bulls and hummingbirds. The one and only Fabryk items leave the workshop with a beautiful leather label.  Our geos are not lasered and are of consistent quality! We believe in Fabryk Design and its products.

Fabryk two years

July 1 passed silently by us, Fabryk Design existed for 2 years! Two years ago, Sytze and I were at the KVK in Leeuwarden,  and look at it now. Tig orders down the road and full of plans for the future! Behind the scenes at Fabryk, we created a wonderful plan. Talks with various agencies will start soon and we can roll out our plan step by step! How and in what form will become more and more apparent with time!


The tiger project is almost done!!! Next Thursday we are going to shoot pictures for the webshop!Exciting, and we are so curious about your reactions! We have found a suitable supplier for our project, and we are so happy with that! Just the last details and corrections…… but it is definitely cool!