The latest mood images for the webshop

Today was a busy day! In this vlog, I take you along during our product shoot. The latest tapas boards, posters and macramé pendants had to be photographed. In the process, we also shot cool mood images so you can get inspiration on how to style your products. Meanwhile, Lisa was also out for home interior consulting, on our website, this page will be completed this weekend. You will then see our packages, as well as beautiful atmospheric images which place our eye catchers have been given at customers.

Check out the changes at our house

With last week’s broadcast of Inside Out still fresh in our minds, today we move on to the next shoot! This time, Living & Co is coming to our home. A lot of changes have already been made to our furnishings, including a different layout! You’ll see all of this in today’s vlog.

I’m super curious to see what you guys think of the new products and, of course, the “behind the scenes” images.

Have fun watching and a great weekend!

Love, Esther