How do you bring warmth into your interior?

Warmth in an interior is something everyone wants. After all, your home is where you unwind after a long day and where you literally feel at home.  So how do you achieve this? What actually is heat? Quite literally, of course, it means the indication of temperature, but it means much more. Just think of being told “there is a lot of warmth in that family” or “that singer has a warm voice.” For me, warmth in an interior represents affection and homeliness, the feeling of not wanting to leave the house. In this blog I give you some tips on how to get (more) warmth into your interior.


Wood is the material of choice for creating warmth. My personal favorite is old weathered wood, such as old wagon boards or tree trunk.  With this wood, each plank is different, which gives you the idea that it is alive. Did you just get your furniture in concrete and marble? Don’t panic, wood can also be reflected in accessories, such as firewood in a basket, a picture frame made of wood or Fabryk Design’s geometric shapes. Or consider a tree trunk attachment.

Natural materials

The use of natural materials, such as bamboo or jute also create atmosphere and this can be used in any interior. You can do this in a big way, by choosing chairs made of bamboo, for example, but you can also achieve a lot with simple accessories such as a basket made of jute or a jute rug.

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Natural fabrics

Wool, cotton and linen are the best known natural fabrics and real mood creators. But these days, velvet is also all the way back and is also warm-blooded in itself, being a nice soft fabric.


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When you think of warmth, you quickly think of wool. Sheepskins, wool plaids or rugs are a must!

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A sheep’s wool rug is nice and warm on your feet and gives a homey effect.


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Warm colors

Of course, you can also go out with color and choose a color from the warm color palette:










This Friday, Esther and Suzan will visit me, are you also curious about our plans? We will share this on Friday, at least it has to do with styling!

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