Friday afternoon

We turn up the radio a bit and ram through this week’s final packets. We chat about music and we have a good pace. We slap on the last package and decide it’s done for the day. Weekend!


The sun is shining and work is on the side. We go over the week and planning for next week as well. Just because we can, poured a glass of wine and enjoyed a half hour of pointless fun. Well meaningless, actually moments like these are very meaningful. Pip playing in the grass, the sun’s rays trying very hard to recharge my battery. Children’s voices from the garden.


Although at first I thought my happiness would depend on the amount of orders, the fattest sales and more such business shit I suddenly realize that my happiness does not depend on that at all. Of course the business has to keep running and we are focused on 100% satisfied customers, fast(er) handling time, steer on conversion and numbers. But there’s so much more… A sweet note from a customer, a nice review… as a people person, that does so much more for me!

“No is also an answer!

Because Fabryk is my joy and my life, I can be startled awake at night by an unanswered email, an overflowing schedule, or a deal that hasn’t quite been finalized. But also from a detail in a design or a font in the newsletter.  The bigger Fabryk gets, the bigger the worries it seems. Time to hand over more and, above all, let go. I’m getting better and better at it. Or as someone said to me, NO is also an answer.

I can’t move mountains by myself; it’s a lot easier with each other. Over the past year, I have gathered around me a fine team of colleagues that I can call upon. We help each other and also for a moment of bitching about everything and nothing we are there.  For example, I am running the Woman Fair in Leeuwarden with Greet from ByAlberts in March. For the past two weeks, we have had a hotline. We talk on the phone, call and email. But boy boy boy what mountains we can move together!


I am really looking forward to this happening, with 4 large booths in different themes we will show you what color and style does to your living room. Of course we will bring the gems from Fabryk!


With the realization that everything is “on the roll,” I can really let go now. What a nice feeling!!! Now continuing in my role as mom, taking the youngest to swimming lessons, shopping  and tonight the finale of the Voice with the oldest.

Cheers to a good weekend!

Love Esther