10 reasons why Fabryk Design’s desk is really worth it!

If you have children then you probably recognize this. Have you finally outgrown the phase where the playpen can be out of the house, suddenly there has to be a play table. Complete with crates full of toys, matching chairs and garlands. And if you gave birth to a fanatical baker or baker’s wife, you can’t escape buying a toy kitchen and a whole arsenal of pots and pans. I think this is kind of the standard equipment in a young family’s living room.


For me at least, several times our living room has been remodeled because there was no more room for all the toys. And since our family is enriched with a royal couple, in addition to the familiar IKEA kitchen, I also had a garage, farmhouse and lots of craft supplies that needed a place.

We were fortunate to have an extra room on the ground floor. The perfect opportunity for a playroom! Or so I thought… But playing children are still the sweetest thing around you, and so every day the toys were still shipped from the playroom to the living room.

“There must be another way to do this,” I thought at one point. The oldest got older and became interested in more precise activities such as complicated puzzles that were not to be cleaned up. Regularly, we sat with a plate on the couch eating because the puzzles were on the table.

Craft supplies and dinner

The youngest appeared to have developed a talent for stickers at the age of three. Sticker books full of the famous A. store were pasted in. A nice and peaceful pastime for a bouncing three-year-old! But again, it turned out, the table was always full of craft supplies and as soon as it was time for lunch or dinner then it had to be cleaned up.

All those bins of toys, craft supplies and the weekly load of drawings that came home from preschool and elementary school became a bit of a thorn in my stylist’s side anyway.
I really wanted a practical, cool and timeless desk/cabinet for my offspring that I could also work on! The working height is 75 cm. So you too can easily join us with your laptop! An office chair or cozy chair fits nicely under the desk.

A cool design agency.

And so we came up with the design of a new cool desk! It met all my needs and now the desk has evolved to come in multiple sizes and colors. The open nature of the desk makes it not look mega large or overpowering in your interior.

In the meantime, the cupboard has found a new use with us; it has been moved to the youngest’s bedroom. And again he looks terribly cute! His collection of rocks and dinos comes out beautifully on the scaffold wall shelves, and the tough black scaffold tube makes it a timeless model.


10 benefits of this cool desk!

  1. Easy to assemble with clear instructions
  2. Quick to clean
  3. The shelves can be adjusted to any desired height
  4. Available in four different colors of wood ( clear, anthracite, taupe and white)
  5. It is not too deep and has an open character, so does not take up much space
  6. You easily slide toy bins underneath, so tidy!
  7. Any size is possible, is your size not included? Please inquire about the possibilities!
  8. Is it no longer used as a desk? Then you always have a cool wall cabinet!
  9. Fast shipping!
  10. It is a statement in your interior! Everything for the kids in one place!