Hello all! Marijke here. You must have seen my name come up many times. In fact, I have been managing Fabryk Design’s social media accounts, including Instagram, since June 14, 2018.

How is my work for FBRK. started?

I can still see myself sitting there. Exhausted on the couch after a long day of doing housework and taking care of the kids ( 2 boys, 1 girl). But a satisfied feeling? No I didn’t have those. Not by a long shot!
I was online a lot between business and after my first FBRK. purchases and Esther’s Facebook posts, I felt more and more involved in this cool company. Whenever someone asked on Facebook what they should hang on their wall, I was the first to share a picture of my Geometric bull or the famous Boris canvas.

How then?

At one point there were the teacher posters. ( Special edition for the last day of school) I had ordered 2 for my sons’ teachers and I was full of ideas for more posters. I put on my bold shoes and sent Esther a message. Esther liked it that I thought so much with her, and one thing led to another. Suddenly I had all the passwords to the accounts and more importantly; I had goals! I enjoy being busy online, and Esther had because of the increasingly busy FBRK. less time to manage all the social media channels yourself. So one thing led to another; my first goal was to increase our fan base on Instagram.

My goal was to turn those 3,000 online followers into 5,000 followers. And if I had 5000 then that had to be converted to 6000 as soon as possible. And that feeling when it succeeded, that was a feeling I had lost for years…. I CAN accomplish things!!!

Indirectly, step by step, this also gave me an increasing self-confidence. Because quite honestly? I live in a lovely farmhouse, but all my days looked the same. I spoke few people, nor was I confident enough to just walk up to a stranger.

All that has changed thanks to my work for Fabryk. Suddenly I had to start reaching out to influencers and making plans with them. In cooperation with 9 other web shops I organized a big Giveaway at Christmas, I was at a fair in Leeuwarden after getting into the car with Jorn and Arnold from Lak of Smak who I also only knew through the FBRK insta and I met at my home with a business partner and good friend of Esther. And all these things have helped me so much in my personal development. I am now the permanent point of contact for all online questions that come along. I regularly manage the chat features and am involved with FBRK from A to Z. Even though we ( Esther and I) have contact mainly through whatsapp, phone and mail, we know what we have on each other and even feel each other through these channels.

I really wouldn’t have missed it for anything and am really immensely grateful to Esther for all the confidence she gave me when I didn’t have it in myself. Only by saying YOU CAN DO THIS did she give me the final push to go all the way. Should you ever get the chance to work for Esther don’t hesitate for a moment! Whether it’s an internship or you get cozy at daycare, your life can only be more fun!

Love Marijke VA ( Virtual Assistant) of Fabryk Design