Steel in your interior is hot and I can understand that! I am also a very big fan of steel. In this blog, I’ll take you through the possibilities of using this material in your interior and why you should do it at all.


It fits any living style

Steel is seen a lot in an industrial style of living. But whether you love Scandinavian, Bohemian, modern or have a country interior, steel always fits. It provides just that extra accent in your white interior or spice up your country interior.



How do you apply steel?

The most common color of steel is black, but of course this is not necessary. But if you choose a different color such as gray, for example, make sure everything in the same room is in that color. If this is not quite the case, this problem is easily solved with a spray can of paint or a gasoline marker for small objects. For example, I recently blackened a vase with a gray steel rim with gasoline marker, easy as that. The black steel really stands out in these photos, don’t you think?

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Nowadays, you see more and more steel doors in the home, often in combination with a wood floor or concrete-like floor such as a cast floor. So this brings me directly to the next argument as to why you should choose steel.



In fact, steel combines with an awful lot of materials, such as wood, concrete, etc. Doubting whether your wood table will fit well on your wood or laminate floor? Then choose a base made of steel so that it breaks.

Tip: If you have a table with a steel frame, make sure your chair legs match it. With this leg, chairs with a black steel frame would match better than silver or gray.


The power of repetition

If you have several items of the same color or material recurring several times in your interior, it forms a whole and reinforces each other. Nowadays, there are plenty of lanterns, candle stands and wall racks made of steel.



As with colors, with materials you can also speak of “warm” and “cold” materials. Steel is one of the cold materials, so you need to make sure you have a good combination of hot and cold elements. Here you do not have to combine every “cold” object with a “warm” object, but pay attention to a good balance. Want to know more about what these so-called “warm” elements are? I wrote a blog about it: Styling tips – warmth