Never lose your drawings again! We immortalize precious children’s drawings on wood.

You know the drill, every week you get showered with drawings, what started as a few pen marks on paper you may now get whole paste and craft works. The Mother’s and Father’s Day drawings are dear to your heart. You keep them in a box to look at them again from time to time. Sin nonetheless!

But why not have it lasered on wood? The white Scandinavian wood fits any interior and is an asset to your home. Hang the lasered card or set it down in a matching holder.

You get the best results by uploading a drawing made on white paper with black marker. The dark lines are then taken over by the laser.

Photograph the drawing with your smartphone.

Upload the drawing in our configurator!

Voila! We do the rest for you. You can expect your drawing on wood at home within 6 business days, or we will ship it directly to the recipient. As an extra service, we wrap it beautifully as a gift!